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For other cities named Rochester, please see Rochester

Rochester, MN Flag

This city's flag.

Rochester is a city of Minnesota, United States, home to 99,121 persons.

Hockey in RochesterEdit


  1. (United States Hockey League Junior B, 2002-present)
  2. (Minnesota Junior Hockey League, 2010-2015) join NA3HL when league collapses
  3. (North American 3 Hockey League, 2015-Present)
  1. (American Amateur Hockey League, 1947-1952) join CHL
  2. (Central Hockey League, 1952-1953) join MHL
  3. (Minnesota Hockey League, 1953-1955) join CHL
  4. (Central Hockey League, 1955-1961) join USHL
  5. (United States Hockey League, 1961-1970) withdrew
  6. (USHL, 1985-2002) ceased operations


  • Mayo Civic Auditorium
  • Rochester Recreation Center
  • Cooke Park Rink
  • Viking Park Rink
  • Northern Heights Park Rink
  • Allendale Park Rink
  • Nachreiner Park Rink
  • Manor Park Rink
  • Mayo High School Rink
  • Graham Arena 1 (formerly Graham Arena West)
  • Graham Arena 2 (formerly Graham Arena East)
  • Graham Arena 3 (formerly Graham Arena North
  • Graham Arena 4
  • Withers Sports Complex Rink


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