Reston Raiders
City: Reston, Virginia
League: Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL)
Founded: 1993
Home Arena: SkateQuest of Reston
Colors: Blue, Black, Silver, White


The Reston Raiders are a youth hockey team based in Reston,Virginia.


With nearly 700 children skating in Raider hockey programs, the club offers full services for players of all ages and skill levels, from the beginner to the elite player. The Raiders offer an Initiation Program for new players ages 5 to 12, an in-house program for players seeking a recreational-level of competition and a travel program for more competitive play[1]. Raiders travel teams compete in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League at the tier II level.


The Reston Raiders Hockey Club wishes to instill in each member a love for the game of ice hockey, the ideal of fair play and sportsmanship, and the development of personal and social skills. The club intends to exemplify the principles of USA Hockey and through excellence in coaching develop the finest youth hockey players possible. Further, the Reston Raiders will provide a fun environment for players of all ages, levels of commitment, with equal opportunity for all[2].

SkateQuest of RestonEdit

Home of the Reston Raiders, the SkateQuest of Reston is where Raiders teams practice and play and wins. Opened in 1993, the SkateQuest of Reston has two sheets of ice; one NHL-sized sheet of ice and one Olympic-sized sheet of ice. The SkateQuest of Reston also has a café, a pro shop, and multiple party rooms[3].



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