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Brandt Centre

Brandt Centre

Regina is a city of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is the capital of the province and is home to 179,246 people.

Hockey in ReginaEdit


  1. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1938-1939) become Abbott-Generals
  2. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1941-1946)  form Pats along with Commandos
  1. (Southern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1937-1938)
  2. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1938-1940) renamed Rangers
  1. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1921-1925) become Portland Rosebuds
  2. (Prairie Hockey League, 1926-1928) fold with league
  3. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1932-1933 moved to Vancouver during season
  4. (Western Canada Senior Hockey League, 1945-1950) join WCMHL
  5. (Western Canada Major Hockey League, 1950-1951) join SSHL
  6. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1951-1954) continue to play as an independent team
  7. (Independent Team, 1954-1958) join SSHL
  8. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1958-1965) join WCSHL
  9. (Western Canada Senior Hockey League, 1965-1967) join SSHL
  10. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1967-1971) join PSHL
  11. (Prairie Senior Hockey League, 1971-1972)
  1. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1946-1948) join WCJHL
  2. (Western Canada Junior Hockey League, 1948-1956) join SJHL
  3. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1956-1966) join CMJHL
  4. (Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, 1966-1968) join SJHL
  5. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1968-1970) join WCHL, replaced in SJHL by Regina Blues
  6. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1970-1978) league renamed
  7. (Western Hockey League, 1978-present)

University teamEdit


  • Brandt Centre
  • Regina Exhibition Stadium
  • Argyle Park Rink
  • Lakeview Park Rink
  • Doug Wickenheiser Rink
  • Al Ritchie Rink
  • Judge Bryant Rink
  • Litzenberger Park Rink
  • Murray Balfour Arena
  • Grant Road Park Rink
  • Glen Elm Park Rink
  • Eastview Park Rink
  • Imperial Park Rink
  • Leslie Park Rink
  • Wheat City Kinsmen Arena
  • Jack Staples Arena
  • Jack Hamiton Arena
  • Grassick Park Rink
  • Opimist Arena
  • McVeety Park Rink
  • Canlan Ice Sports-Sherwood
  • Al Ritchie Arena
  • M.J. Coldwell Rink
  • Clarence Mahon Arena
  • Mironack Rink
  • Mc Murchy Park Rink
  • University Park Park Rink
  • W.F. Ready Park Rink
  • W.H. Ford Park Rink
  • Rosemont Park Rink
  • Ruth Buck Park Rink
  • Westhill Park Rink
  • Dr. A.E. Perry Park Rink


Allan CupEdit

Memorial CupEdit


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