The Quebec Senior Major Hockey League was a short-lived hockey league that existed only for the 2003-04 season.



Granby Predateurs (2003-2004) foldedEdit

Laval Chiefs (2003-2004) see LNAH

Port Rouge Caron et Guay (2003-2004) merge with and move to Trois Rivieres; see LNAH

Quebec Radio X (2003-2004) see LNAH

Riviere du Loup Promutuel (2003-2004) join Quebec Senior Central Hockey League

Saguenay Paramedic (2003-2004) renamed Fjord; see LNAH

Sherbrooke St. Francois (2003-2004) see LNAH

Sorel Royaux (2003-2004) merged; become Sorel-Tracy Mission; see LNAH

St. Georges de Beauce Garaga (2003-2004) see LNAH

St. Hyacinthe Cousin (2003-2004) see LNAH

St. Jean sur Richelieu Mission (2003-2004) merged, form Sorel-Tracy Mission; see LNAH

Thetford Mines Prolab (2003-2004) see LNAH

Trois Rivieres Vikings (2003-2004) merged, renamed Caron et Guay; see LNAH

Verdun Dragons (2003-2004) see LNAH

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