In 1950, the Quebec Senior Hockey League changed its level from senior to the new level major. This level was introduced by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and was open to all hockey players. both amateur and professional. The teams were eligible for the Alexander Cup.

In March 1953, the CAHA suspended the league's parent organization, the Quebec Amateur Hockey Association (QAHA) over a junior player's eligiblity. Despite pleas by the CAHA, the league did not bolt the QAHA and remained suspended. This meant that it was not eligible for the Alexander Cup.

Partly as a result of this move by the CAHA, the league voted to turn professional for the 1953-54 season and pull out of the CAHA. It then became the Quebec Hockey League.

Member teamsEdit

All the teams were members for all three seasons (1950-51 to 1952-53)

Regular Season ChampionsEdit

Playoff ChampionsEdit

List of SeasonsEdit

1950-51 QSHL Season

1951-52 QSHL Season

1952-53 QSHL Season

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