In the 1920's, junior hockey in Quebec was local and fragmented. The leading league was the Junior Amateur Hockey Association (JAHA) which was centered in Montreal.

There was also a league in Quebec City which ran until nearly the end of World War II when all leagues except the JAHA were relegated to Junior B.

In 1947-48 the JAHA finally expanded to Quebec City but the local league still was given the status to challenge for the provincial title for one season.

After the collapse of the Quebec Junior Hockey League in 1955 the Quebec City teams joined the Sagueney Junior League for one season and then entered the Metropolitan Montreal Junior League for several years. Neither setup was totally satisfactory.

In 1959-60 another Quebec City Junior League was formed to accomodate local junior teams. This league, the last of the line only lasted for one season as the league merged with the Laurentian Junior League to form the Provincial Junior League in 1960-61.

List of ChampionsEdit

Note: In 1959-60 the Ancienne Lorette Castors represented the league in the 1959-60 Quebec Junior Playoffs by virtue of finishing first in the season.

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