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Quebec City is a city of the province of Quebec, Canada. Provincial capital, it is the second largest city of Quebec after Montreal and the oldest of the province; Quebec City celebrated its 400th birthday in 2008. It is home to 491,142 persons; its metropolitan area has a population of 715,515.

Hockey in Quebec CityEdit

Among the major events held in Quebec City include:


Quebec Nordiques


Major LeagueEdit

  1. (Amateur Hockey Association of Canada, 1889-1898) join CAHL
  2. (Canadian Amateur Hockey League, 1899-1905) join ECAHA
  3. (Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association, 1906-1908) league becomes ECHA
  4. (Eastern Canada Hockey Association, 1909-1909) resign, join CHA
  5. (Canadian Hockey Association, 1909-1910) league disbands, join NHA
  6. (National Hockey Association, 1910-1917) join NHL
  7. (National Hockey League, 1917-1920) become Hamilton Tigers
  1. (World Hockey Association, 1972-1979) join National Hockey League
  2. (National Hockey League 1979-1995) become Colorado Avalanche

Minor LeagueEdit

  1. (Quebec Hockey League, 1953-1959) join AHL
  2. (American Hockey League, 1959-1971) become Richmond Robins
  1. (Canadian American Hockey League, 1926-1928) team goes on hiatus
  2. (Eastern Canada Hockey Association, 1931-1932) join CAHL
  3. (Canadian American Hockey League, 1932-1935) become Springfield Indians


  1. (Quebec Semi-Pro Hockey League, 1997-1998) go dormant, return as Cote-de-Beaupre As in 2000
  2. (Quebec Semi-Pro Hockey League, 2001-2003) renamed Quebec Radio X, league renamed QSMHL
  1. (Quebec Senior Major Hockey League, 2003-2004) league renamed LNAH
  2. (Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, 2004-2008) become Pont Rouge Lois Jeans


  1. (Quebec City League, 1914-1915)
  2. (Quebec City League, 1921-1923)
  1. (Montreal Senior Group, 1936-1937) league becomes QSHL
  2. (Quebec Senior Hockey League, 1937-1940)
  3. (Quebec Senior Hockey League, 1941-1950) league becomes Quebec Senior Major Hockey League
  4. Quebec Senior Major Hockey League, 1950-1953) league goes professional, becomes QHL
  1. (Quebec City League, 1920-1920)
  2. (Quebec City League, 1922-1923)
  1. (Interprovincial Hockey Union, 1913-1914) join Quebec City League
  2. (Quebec City League, 1914-1916)
  1. (Quebec City League,  1920-1921)
  2. (Quebec Senior Hockey League, 1940-1941)
  1. (Interprovincial Hockey Union, 1913-1914) join Quebec City League
  2. (Quebec City League, 1914-1917)
  3. (Quebec City League, 1923-1924)
  1. (Quebec City League, 1915-1920)
  2. (Quebec City League, 1921-1922) join Quebec Provincial League
  3. (Quebec Provincial League, 1922-1923) join ECAHL
  4. (Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey League, 1923-1925) league becomes Senior Group
  5. (Senior Group, 1925-1927) folded under pressure from Quebec Beavers of Can-Am Hockey League

Senior IntermediateEdit

  1. (Quebec City National League, 1933-1934)
  2. (Quebec City Intermediate League, 1940-1941)
  1. (Quebec City National League, 1933-1934)
  2. (Quebec City Intermediate League, 1937-1938)
  1. (Quebec City Intermediate League, 1937-1938)
  2. (Quebec City Intermediate League, 1940-1941)

Major JuniorEdit

  1. (Eastern Provincial League, 1936-1937)
  2. (Eastern Provincial League, 1939-1940)
  3. (Quebec City Junior League, 1959-1960) join PJL
  4. (Provincial Junior League, 1960-1961) withdrew
  5. (Provincial Junior League, 1964-1965) affiliation moved to Thetford Mines
  6. (Provincial Junior League, 1966-1969) join QMJHL as Remparts
  1. (Junior Amateur Hockey Association, 1947-1949) league renamed QJHL
  2. (Quebec Junior Hockey League, 1949-1953) join OHA Jr. A
  3. (Provincial Junior League, 1960-1964) renamed Aces
  1. (Quebec Junior Hockey League, 1953-1955) join Saguenay-Quebec Junior League
  2. (Sageunay-Quebec Junior League, 1955-1956) join MMJL
  3. (Metropolitan Montreal Junior League, 1956-1957)

Junior AEdit

Phantom Teams or Teams in leagues that never playedEdit

Women's LeaguesEdit

Junior B teamsEdit

University teamEdit




Stanley CupEdit

Avco World TrophyEdit

Edinburgh TrophyEdit

Alexander CupEdit

Allan CupEdit

Memorial CupEdit

Players and staffEdit

These people were born in Quebec City:

Quebec City

Quebec City skyline

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