The Princeton Tigers women's ice hockey program has their own Patty Kazmaier Award. Unlike the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award given out by the NCAA, this award is given annually to a senior member of the women's hockey team. The criteria includes making the greatest contribution to the program during her career and best exemplifying characteristics such as: loyalty and devotion to Princeton Women's Hockey and determination and perseverance under adverse conditions.


Year Winner

Laura Martindale

Sasha Sherry

2010Stephanie Denino


2009Kristen Young[2]
2008 Elizabeth Keady
2007Kimberly Pearce
2006Heather Jackson
2005Katherine Maglione
Rebecca Stewart
2004Lisa Rasmussen
2003Andrea Kilbourne
2002Aviva Grumet-Morris
2001Abbey Fox
Lauren Hayes
2000Danielle Holtschlag
1999Elizabeth Shea
1998Tamara Orlow
1997Karen Chernisky
Amanda Pfeiffer
1996Elizabeth Hill
1995Katherine Issel
1994Whitney Rogers
1993Ella Griffith
1992Christine Pillsbury
1991Mollie Marcoux
1990Eleanor Tydings


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