Calgary Albertan Cup. championship trophy of the Prairie League. Courtesy Glenbow Archives. Original photo [1] here.

The Prairie Hockey League (PHL) was a Canadian minor professional league in Alberta and Saskatchewan that was created following the demise of the Western Hockey League in 1926. It operated for two seasons.

The creation of the league was announced in 1926, with teams in Regina, Moose Jaw, Brandon, and Winnipeg. By the time the first season began, Brandon and Winnipeg had dropped out. Five WHL teams—the Calgary Tigers, Edmonton Eskimos, Saskatoon Sheiks, Regina Capitals, and the Moose Jaw Warriors—played in the league's first season. Leading the PHL was president E.W. Seaborn of Moose Jaw. In the first season, the Calgary Tigers were declared the league champions when the Saskatoon Sheiks refused to continue their playoff series after complaining about the officiating in the second game. The Tigers won that game 2-1. The Tigers started to play the Winnipeg Maroons of the American Hockey Association professional championship in western Canada. That series was cancelled, after the Tigers won 2-1, because of the Maroons' obligations in their own league playoffs.

At a meeting in May 1927, Seaborn said that he expected all five teams to return for the next season, and that the league might expand into Brandon. But, as it turned out, Calgary and Edmonton dropped out after one year and no new team was admitted to the league. The Moose Jaw team was renamed the Moose Jaw Maroons. The league folded after the 1927-28 season.


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