1914-15 Portland Rosebuds


The Rosebuds' logo in 1925-26

The Portland Rosebuds name was used by two professional teams based in Portland, Oregon. Both played their home games at the Portland Ice Arena.

The first team played in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association from 1914 to 1918. In 1916 they became the first United States-based team to participate in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The second Rosebuds team was born when the Regina Capitals moved to Portland for the 1925-26 WHL season, the final one for the Western Hockey League (WHL).

When the league folded, the Saskatoon players were sold to form the Montreal Maroons. Frank Patrick then negotiated the sale of the rest of the WHL players to the National Hockey League. The players were to be sold as three teams, one from the Victoria Cougars, one from the Rosebuds, and a third from the best players from Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. A deal was reached where the players of the Rosebuds were sold for $100,000 to form the new Chicago Black Hawks expansion franchise.

Season-by-Season RecordsEdit

Pacific Coast Hockey Association (1914-18)Edit

Season Games Won Lost Tied Points Goals
1914-15 18 9 9 0 18 91 83 2ndno playoffs
1915-16 18 13 5 0 26 71 50 1stLost Stanley Cup Final
1916-17 24 9 15 0 18 114 112 3rdout of playoffs
1917-18 18 7 11 0 14 63 175 3rdout of playoffs

Western Canada Hockey League (1925-26)Edit

Season Games Won Lost Tied Points Goals
1925-26 30 12 16 2 26 84 106 4thout of playoffs

Dick Irvin on the right as a Rosebud in 1925.

Rosebuds who played in the NHLEdit

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