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Pontus Ekhem (born June 19, 1991) is a Swedish ice hockey player.

He started his career at Skåre BK in 2001 and was drafted to Nor IK for the 2002–2003 season. He made a comeback to Skåre BK for the 2004–2005 season

After the 2005–2006 season he moved to The Netherlands where he joined the Hijs Hokij Wolves Under 17 team and they won [1] the 2007 Dutch championship.

In the season 2007–2008 he moved to Den Bosch Red Eagles Under 17 team [2] and finished third [3] in the championships after several years without any Under 17 team. With the Red Eagles team, he has had big successes in Belgium [4] and The Netherlands.

During his time in The Netherlands he has played in two different allstar teams, Dutch Alligators [5] and the Pirates

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