Pingu Plays Ice Hockey a Pingu episodes Produced in 1989 Pingu, Robby and their new friend Pongi are dawdling around when they see a hockey team having a game. They decide to join in. At the first two tries they didn't get a goal, but then on the next try, they get one. The other team is a bad loser, however, and on the final try, they play aggressively to ensure they do not win, knocking them with the putt, forcing them into corners, and so on, and they win the game. They want another game, but Pingu and his friends refuse due to the team's bad sportsmanship. Them and the team then discard all their gear, and do figure skating instead.

  • Features Pingu, Robby, Pongi, and various hockey players.
  • A version of this episode featured the song "Hand in Hand", used in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
  • Produced in 1989
  • Pongi is introduced in this episode.

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