The Phoenix RoadRunners were a minor professional team. They played in the ECHL from 2005 to 2009. The ownership of the team relinquished their membership after the 2008-2009 season. The team played its home games at the US Airways Center.The team was affiliated with the Phoenix Coyotes for the first two seasons and with the San Jose Sharks for the last two seasons.

The team was founded by Phoenix Suns (National Basketball Association) team owner Robert Sarver and former NHL player Claude Lemieux.

Yearly records/Playoff resultsEdit


Games Wins Losses Ties OTL Points Result
2005–2006 72 20 47 5 0 45 Missed playoffs
2006–2007 72 27 40 0 5 59 Lost in Division Semi-finals, 0–4
2007–2008 72 24 39 0 9 57 Missed playoffs
2008–2009 68 29 34 0 5 63 Missed playoffs


wikipedia page on Phoenix_RoadRunners

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