Memorial centre

Peterborough Memorial Centre

Peterborough is a city in the province of Ontario in Canada approximately 125 kilometers east of Toronto.

Its population is about 78,000 with a metropolitan area of about 115,000.

Hockey teamsEdit


  • Peterborough OHA Sr., 1892-1893; 1896-1901; 1906-1907; 1912-1913; 1924-1928;

Senior AEdit

Senior BEdit

  1. (OHA Sr. B, 1948-1950) to Sr. A, levels merged for 50-1 season
  2. (OHA Sr. B, 1951-1955)


Junior A & Major JuniorEdit

  1. OHA Jr. A, 1956-1976) join OMJHL
  2. (Ontario Major Junior Hockey League, 1974-1980) league renamed OHL
  3. (Ontario Hockey League, 1980-Present)
  1. (Central Ontario Junior A Hockey League, 1992-1993) join OPJHL
  2. (Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League, 1993-1997) renamed Bees
  1. (Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League, 2003-2009) join CCHL
  2. (Central Canadian Hockey League, 2009-2010) join OJHL
  3. (Ontario Junior Hockey League, 2010-2012) merged into Lindsay Muskies

Junior B & C & DEdit

University teamEdit


Memorial Cup



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