Perth Thunder
Perth Thunder Logo
City: Perth, Western Australia
League: Australian Ice Hockey League
Founded: 2010
Operated: 2011-present
Home Arena: Cockburn Ice Arena
Head Coach: Flag of Australia Stan Scott

The Perth Thunder are a semi-professional ice hockey team based at the Cockburn Ice Arena in Western Australia. They are members of the Australian Ice Hockey League.


The Perth Thunder were founded in 2010. On November 28th 2010, Perth Thunder were granted a provisional license with the AIHL for the 2011 season, with the intention of entering the league to compete as the ninth team in the 2012 AIHL season.[1][2] In 2011 the Thunder played a number of exhibition games against several AIHL teams. In May the Thunder travelled to Adelaide to compete in two games against the Adelaide Adrenaline. They drew the first game 2–2 and won the second 3–0.[3] In June the Melbourne Ice travelled to Perth to compete in two games against the Thunder at the Cockburn Ice Arena. The Ice won the first game 4–3 and lost the second game 3–6 after letting in six goals to none in the final period.[4][5] In September the Newcastle North Stars traveled to Perth to play the Thunder in a two game series.[6] The Thunder won both the first and second game 4–2.[7] On 16 October 2011 the AIHL voted to include the Perth Thunder as the ninth team to join the league.[8]


Team roster for the 2011 AIHL season[9]

# Nat Name Pos Date of Birth
1 Flag of Australia Adam Briggs G --
2 Flag of Australia Richard Garrad D --
3 Flag of Australia Cameron Walsh D 01989 1989
4 Flag of Australia Sam Wilson F --
5 Flag of Canada Gabe Andre D 01982 1982
6 Flag of Canada Kenny Rolph F --
7 Flag of Australia Sam Bavan F 01990 1990
8 Flag of Australia Johan Mellander F --
9 Flag of Australia Dave Ruck (C) F --
10 Flag of Scotland Greg Hyde D 01989 1989
11 Flag of Australia Jordan Kyros F 01992 1992
12 Flag of Australia Nick Del Basso D --
14 Flag of New Zealand Andrew Cox F 01991 1991
15 Flag of Australia Simon Kudla F --
16 Flag of Australia Anthony Nettle D 01991 1991
17 Flag of Australia David Kulda D --
18 Flag of Australia Richard Lamb D 01971 1971
19 Flag of Australia Johnathon Bremmer F 01991 1991
20 Flag of Australia Liam Jefferies F 01990 1990
22 Flag of New Zealand Kyle Green G 01989 1989


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