The Paul Loicq Trophy is a trophy awarded annually by the International Ice Hockey Federation to people for their special contribution to international ice hockey.


IIHF logo
Paul Loicq Trophy winners
Year Winner
1998 Flag of Germany Wolf-Dieter Montag
1999 Flag of Germany Roman Neumayer
2000 Flag of Russia Vsevolod Kukushkin
2001 Flag of Japan Isao Kataoka
2002 Flag of Great Britain Pat Marsh
2003 Flag of the United States George Nagobads
2004 Flag of Canada Aggie Kukulowicz
2005 Flag of Austria Rita Hrabcek
2006 Flag of Sweden Bo Tovland
2007 Flag of Canada Bob Nadin
2008 Flag of Slovakia Juraj Okolicany
2009 Flag of Germany Harald Griebel
2010 Not yet awarded

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