Association Pakistan Ice Hockey Association
Team colours Green, White
International record (W–L–T)

The Pakistan national ice hockey team is the national men's ice hockey team of Pakistan. It is currently not a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation however will re-apply for membership in 2012.


The game of hockey surprisingly has deep roots in Pakistan with Field Hockey being the official national sport of the country. However, ice hockey has been slow to pick up mainly due to the hot weather and lack of ice hockey facilities. There are no IIHF standard ice hockey rinks in Pakistan and most players play the game during the winters on frozen lakes and ponds of the Gilgit-Baltistan region during the winters There are no official ice hockey leagues in Pakistan and most of the games are organized as a day event.


Toromont Industries and its Cimco Refrigeration division has been awarded recreational equipment orders worth about $4 million to build the first artificial ice rink on the fifth floor of a shopping and entertainment complex in Lahore. Currently there is only one functioning ice skating rink at The Karachi Forum.[1]ll


Pakistan applied for a membership to the IIHF in 2009, but congress decided to postpone the application until the ice hockey program in the country develops and forms a better structure.

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