The PAC-8 Hockey Conference
Established: 1995
Members: 7
League: ACHA
Classification: Division II
States: California, Washington, Oregon
Commissioner: Roger A. Kulpa

The PAC-8 Hockey Conference is an ACHA Division II club hockey league. The PAC-8 is made up of Pac-10 university's club ice hockey teams. ACHA Division II hockey is on a similar level to ACHA Division I and NCAA Division III depending on the school or league. The PAC-8 is one of the higher level D2 leagues.


Each team plays a minimum of 10 inter-conference games per season and another 20 games for a possible invitation to the ACHA National Tournament. The top 6 teams make The PAC-8 Hockey Conference Tournament at the end of the regular season. After the 2009-10 season Arizona State University left the conference to join the newly formed West coast hockey conference leaving the PAC-8 with seven teams.


Institution Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Nickname
University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California


1868 Public (University of California system) 35,409 Golden Bears
University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California


1919 Public (University of California system) 38,000 Bruins
University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon


1876 Public (Oregon University System) 22,386 Ducks
University of Southern California Los Angeles, California


1880 Private/Non-sectarian 32,160 Trojans
Stanford University Stanford, California


1891 Private/Non-sectarian 14,945 Cardinal
University of Washington Seattle, Washington


1861 Public 42,708 Huskies
Washington State University Pullman, Washington


1890 Public 25,135 Cougars

(The University of Arizona ice hockey team competes in ACHA Division I and Oregon State University does not have an ice hockey team.)

Past ChampionsEdit

  • 2010 - USC Trojans
  • 2009 - Oregon Ducks
  • 2008 - Oregon Ducks
  • 2007 - USC Trojans
  • 2006 - USC Trojans
  • 2005 - Oregon Ducks
  • 2004 - California Golden Bears
  • 2003 - USC Trojans
  • 2002 - USC Trojans
  • 2001 - USC Trojans
  • 2000 - USC Trojans
  • 1999 - UCLA Bruins
  • 1998 - USC Trojans
  • 1997 - Stanford Cardinal
  • 1996 - Stanford Cardinal

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