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Ottawa Valley Junior B Hockey League played from 1966/1967 to 1972/1993. The Teams that played in this league are


Anrprior (ON), Buckingham (QC), Hawkesbury (ON), Nepean (ON), Ottawa Astros (ON), Ottawa Nationals (ON), Perth (ON)


Alexandria (ON), Arnprior (ON), Buckingham (QC), Hawksebury (QC), Hull (QC), Nepean (ON), Ottawa (ON), Perth (ON), Renfrew (ON) & Thruso (QC)


Arnprior (ON), Buckingham (QQC), Gatineau (QC), Gloucester (QC), Hawkesburg (ON), Ottawa (ON), Perth (ON), Renfrew(ON)

Unknown years - 1967/1968, 1969/1970 to 1971/1972

Found the 1968/1969 Season - Ottawa Citizen Dtd 8/29/1968

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