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There were attempts to start a league in Quebec and Eastern Ontario as early as 1945-46 when the Senior Intercollegiate League (SIL) was formed for one season.

The Ottawa-St. Lawrence Conference (OSLC), also called the Ottawa-St. Lawrence Athletic Association, was set up in 1949, made up of universities and colleges in Quebec and eastern Ontario besides those in the Quebec-Ontario Athletic Association (QOAA). Sometimes also included were second teams from some schools in the QOAA.

At first this league was only an intermediate level intercollegiate league. In 1962-63 this league was recognized as an equal to the other intercollegiate leagues in Canada and its champions participated in the national championships.

The OSLC survived until 1970-71. After that season the leagues in Ontario and Quebec were reorganized on solely provincial boundaries.

List of TeamsEdit

Table of Seasons and ChampionsEdit

Season Champion Notes
1949-50 Loyola College first season
1950-51 Loyola College
1951-52 Loyola College add Queen's - delete SGWU Carleton MacDonald
1952-53 Loyola College add SGWU Carleton
1953-54 Loyola College add CMR
1954-55 CMR records missing
1955-56 Loyola College records missing
1956-57 Loyola College records missing
1957-58 Loyola College records missing
1958-59 Loyola College records missing
1959-60 Loyola College add MacDonald - delete McGill II Carleton Queen's
1960-61 Ottawa records missing
1961-62 SGWU add Ottawa Carleton
1962-63 Sherbrooke add Sherbrooke - delete CMR
1963-64 SGWU
1964-65 SGWU
1965-66 SGWU add CMR
1966-67 SGWU add St. Patrick's
1967-68 Loyola College St. Patrick's merged with Carleton
1968-69 SGWU delete Ottawa Carleton
1969-70 Loyola College add UQTR - delete CMR
1970-71 Loyola College last season

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