Norwalk is a city in Fairfield County in southwestern Connecticut.  The city's population as of the 2010 US Census was 85,603.


Hockey in Norwalk dates back to the Norwalk Home Oilers hockey team which was created in the 1930's.  The team was owned by Norwalk Home Oil Company owner W.B. Hopkins and played out of the Crystal Rink in Norwalk.  Many of the teams were filled with local players.  The team shut down operations when World War II started but returned to the ice in 1947.

CT Oilers tribute to the team


  • Connecticut Oilers
  1. (Eastern Junior Hockey League, 2012-2013) joined EHL
  2. (Empire Junior Hockey League, 2012-2013) joined MJHL
  3. (Eastern Hockey League, 2013-Present)
  4. (Metropolitan Junior Hockey League, 2013-2014) withdrew from league

The New York Rovers of the Eastern Hockey League played several home games at the Crystal Rink located in Norwak. A tribute page to the EHL rinks shows several photos from some of the games


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