The Northwest International Hockey League was a senior league in the Seattle-Portland-Vancouver area in the Pacific northwest in the 1943-44 season.

It was a commercial league insofar as the team were sponsored by local companies in Seattle and Portland.

The league lasted for only one season. The following season it merged with the Southern California League to form a new Pacific Coast Hockey League.

1943-44 SeasonEdit

Regular SeasonEdit

Vancouver Maple Leafs                  12- 4-0-24
Seattle (Issacson Ironworks) Ironmen    9- 7-0-18
Portland (Hancock Oil) Oilers           6- 8-2-14
Portland (Decicco Tire) Tiremen         6- 9-1-13
Seattle (Boeing) Bombers                5-10-1-11


Semi Final (2 games total goals)Edit

Portland (Hancock Oil) Oilers beat Seattle (Issacson Ironworks) Ironmen 13 goals to 9.

Final (Best of 5)Edit

Vancouver Maple Leafs beat Portland (Hancock Oil) Oilers 3 wins to 1.

Team PhotosEdit

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