The Nip-Rock Rangers were a Junior "B" team in Nipigon, Ontario. The team name is a clever composite using the "Nip" from Nipigon and the "Rock" from Red Rock.

They played in the Northwestern Ontario Junior Hockey League and the Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League in the 1960's and 1970's.

The team's 1976-77 season windup dinner was the forum for the recognition and presentation of awards to selected players.

The team's 1977-78 season was marked by this presentation of awards.

Nip-Rock Rangers Alumni Edit

Players Edit

Norman Boudreau, Joel Dupuis, Len Stansell, Robert Sutton, Dan Illijow, Gerald Jean, Tim Haley, Scott Smith, ,John Humphrey, Michael Hagen, Greg Imhoff, James "Melvin" Shallow, Tony Pineau, Alain Boudreau, Brian Swanson, Bruce Swanson,

Supporting Staff Edit

Moments Edit

Hockey personalities visit Nipigon in the 1970's.

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