Niagara Falls is a city of about 85,000 people in Ontario. It is located on the Niagara River near the famous falls of the same name on the border with the American state of New York.

Hockey teamsEdit


  1. Canadian Professional Hockey League (1926-1929) league became IHL
  2. International Hockey League (1929-1930) joined Ontario Professional Hockey League
  3. Ontario Professional Hockey League (1930-1931) joined OHA Senior League
  • Niagara Falls Nationals - Federal Hockey League (2011) never played- league suspended team's operations July 20, 2011 after franchise had moved from Rome, New York


  1. (OHA Senior A League, 1924-1926)
  2. (OHA Senior A League, 1931-1934)
  3. (OHA Senior A League, 1935-1936)
  4. (OHA Senior B League, 1978-1938)
  5. (OHA Senior A League, 1939-1940)
  6. (OHA Senior A League, 1953-1955)



  • Niagara Falls
  1. OHA Junior (1909-1910, 1913-1914, 1921-1929
  2. Ontario Hockey Association Junior A (1935-1936) withdrew
  1. Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League (1972-1976) St. Catherines team in OMJHL moved to Niagara Falls
  2. Ontario Major Junior Hockey League (1976-1980) league renamed Ontario Hockey League
  3. Ontario Hockey League (1980-1982) became North Bay Centennials

Miscellaneous Junior (use Niagara as name for team)Edit

There was a Niagara District League which participated in a 1927-1928 season with teams in Niagara-on-the-Lake (league champion) and Port Dalhousie as well as teams named Maroons. Confederates, Athletics, Canadiens and Shieks (all based in unknown towns). Some information on this league in on the 1927-28 OHA Junior Season page.


Memorial CupEdit



  • Niagara Falls Memoria Arena
  • Gale Centre
  • Lions Outdoor Rink
  • Stamford Arena
  • Jack Bell Arena
  • John N. Allan Park Rink
  • Rink at the Brink (Winter Festival of Lights Rink)
  • Robert F. Keighan Park Rink
  • Maple Street Park Rink
  • Preakness Park Rink
  • Larry Delazzer Nature Park RInk
  • Chippawa Lions Park Rink
  • MacBain Communit Centre Rink
  • Firemen's Park Rink

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