The West Coast Senior Hockey League (WCSHL) was a senior ice hockey league based in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The league has been reported to be returning to play for the 2017-18 season with four teams including the Port aux Basques Mariners, Stephenville Jets, Deer Lake Red Wings, and the Corner Brook Royals.  This incarnation of the league has been reported to be stictly an amateur league with no imported players.  As the league has not been formally announced it is unknown if the league will be eligible or intend to compete for the Herder Memorial Trophy as the provincial Senior Hockey champions.

Herder Memorial Trophy Edit

The previous incarnation of the league would award to the victor of the playoffs each year is the Herder Memorial Trophy. The first team to ever win the Herder was the 1935 Corner Brook Royals.

Teams Edit

When the WCSHL suspended operations in 2011 it was composed of the following teams:

Merger Edit

On September 10, 2011, the league merged with the Avalon East Senior Hockey League to form the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League.



  • 2001 Deer Lake Red Wings
  • 2002 Corner Brook Royals
  • 2003 Corner Brook Royals
  • 2004 Corner Brook Royals
  • 2005 Deer Lake Red Wings
  • 2006 Deer Lake Red Wings
  • 2007 Deer Lake Red Wings
  • 2008 Deer Lake Red Wings
  • 2009 Clarenville Caribous
  • 2010 Clarenville Caribous

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