I found these new Old Hockey Leagues and would like to find out what teams (cities) play in these leagues

Trent Valley Hockey League 1899 to 1910

Quinte District Hockey League 1898 to 1903

Tri County Hockey League 1907 to 1910

Waterloo-Oxford Hockey League 1905 to 1910

Huron Hockey Association 1898

Southern Ontario Hockey Association 1895 to 1900

Central Ontario Hockey Association 1898

Haldimond-Welland Hockey League 1901 to 1902

Niagara District Hockey League 1901-1902, 1930's

Southern Counties Hockey League 1907 to 1909

Saint Catharines City Hockey League 1907

North County Hockey League 1950's

Northern Hockey League 1901 to 1910

Found these Leagues at this website http:// Timelines/

found this League (North County League)

Also found this league - Pan American Hockey League, would like to know if this League was a REAL Hockey League, what I found, from, was a Development League for the National Hockey League but can't find any other information, from newspapers, about this League.

thanks for any help

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