The New Haven Tomahawks were a semi-professional team in New Haven, Connecticut. They played in the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) in 1951-52.

After the New Haven Eagles of the American Hockey League folded in the middle of the 1950-51 AHL season, the local arena looked for a team to fill the void. It entered a team in the EHL in 1951 called the Tomahawks. The Tomahawks finished in second place in the Northern Division.

The team changed its name to the New Haven Nutmegs in 1952-53. It finished in 3rd place in the league.

The team folded in 1953 as the league did not operate in 1953-54.

A new team under different ownership, the New Haven Blades, started up in 1954-55.

Tomahawks who played in the NHLEdit

Nutmeg who played in the NHLEdit

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