Nacka HK
Founded 1976 (1906)
Home ice Nacka Ishall
Based in Nacka, Sweden
Colours Black, Yellow
League Division 1

Nacka HK is a hockey team based in Nacka, Sweden. The team is currently playing in the third highest league in Sweden, Division 1.

Founded: 1906
Home arena: Nacka Ishall (capacity 1,400)
Uniform colors: Black, yellow
Swedish Championships won: 0


Founded in 1906 as Nacka SK. Merged in 1976 with Atlas Copco IF and Skuru IK and re-named NSA-76. Since 1981 re-named Nacka HK. Nacka have played 23 seasons in top Swedish divisions. The best known players to play for Nacka HK are Mats Sundin, Marcus Ragnarsson, Johan Garpenlöv, Fredrik Lindquist and Leif Svensson.

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