This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "Y".

Goaltenders Edit

Nat Team(s) Seasons Regular Season Playoffs
Yeremeyev, VitaliFlag of KazakhstanNYR 2000–2001404004.52.846
Young, WendellFlag of Canada.svgVan, Phi, Pit, TB 1985–199518759861223.9420103.65

Skaters Edit

Nat Pos Team(s) Seasons Regular Season Playoffs
Yablonski, JeremyFlag of Canada.svgLWStl 2003–200410005
Yachmenev, VitaliFlag of RussiaRWLA, Nas 1995–20034878313321688
Yackel, KenFlag of the United StatesRWBos 1958–19596000220002
Yake, TerryFlag of Canada.svgCHar, Ana, Tor, Stl, Was 1988–1995
Yakubov, MikhailFlag of RussiaCChi, Fla 2003–2006532101220
Yakushin, DmitriyFlag of UkraineDTor 1999–200020002
Yaremchuk, GaryFlag of Canada.svgCTor 1981–19853414528
Yaremchuk, KenFlag of Canada.svgCChi, Tor 1983–198923536569210631681449
Yashin, AlexeiFlag of RussiaCOtt, NYI 1993–20078503374447814014811162724
Yates, RossFlag of Canada.svgCHar 1983–198471124
Yawney, TrentFlag of Canada.svgDChi, Cgy, Stl 1987–199959327102129783609172681
Yegorov, AlexeiFlag of RussiaRWSJ 1995–1997113362
Yelle, StephaneFlag of Canada.svgCCol, Cgy 1995–present770821452274061479202980
Ylonen, JuhaFlag of FinlandCPhx, TB, Ott 1996–2002341267610290150774
Yonkman, NolanFlag of Canada.svgDWas 2001–2002
York, HarryFlag of Canada.svgCStl, NYR, Pit, Van 1996–20002442946759950002
York, JasonFlag of Canada.svgDDet, Ana, Ott, Nas, Bos 1992–2004
York, MikeFlag of Canada.svgLWNYR, Edm, NYI, Phi, Phx 1999–present55612619331913360222
Young, B.J.Flag of Canada.svgRWDet 1999–200010000
Young, BrianFlag of Canada.svgDChi 1980–198180226
Young, BryanFlag of Canada.svgDEdm 2006–present1500010
Young, C.J.Flag of the United StatesRWCgy, Bos 1992–199343771432
Young, DougFlag of Canada.svgDDet, Mtl 1931–19413883545803032815616
Young, HowieFlag of Canada.svgDDet, Chi, Van 1960–1964
Young, ScottFlag of the United StatesRWHar, Pit, Que, Col, Ana, Stl, Dal 1987–1991
Young, TimFlag of Canada.svgCMNS, Wpg, Phi 1975–1985628195341536438367243127
Young, WarrenFlag of Canada.svgCMNS, Pit, Det 1981–19882367277149472
Younghans, TomFlag of the United StatesRWMNS, NYR 1976–19824294441853732421321
Ysebaert, PaulFlag of Canada.svgLWNJ, Det, Wpg, Chi, TB 1988–19995321491873362173043720
Yushkevich, DmitriFlag of RussiaDPhi, Tor, Fla, LA 1992–200378643182225659724192352
Yzerman, SteveFlag of Canada.svgCDet 1983–20061,5146921,0631,7559241967011518584

Key Edit

      Appeared in an NHL game during the 2007-08 season

Nat Nationality
GP Games Played
W Wins
L Losses
T Ties
OTL Overtime Loss
SO Shutout
GAA Goals against average
SV% Save percentage
Pos Position
D Defenceman
LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing
C Centre
F Forward
G Goals
A Assists
P Points
PIM Penalty minutes

Team names Edit

National Hockey League team abbreviations

References Edit

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