Gary Bettman at Entry Draft 2008

Bettman at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft

The National Hockey League commissioner is the highest-ranking executive officer in the National Hockey League (NHL). The position was created in 1993 with Gary Bettman as the first commissioner. Among other duties, the commissioner leads collective bargaining negotiations on behalf of the league and appoints officials for all NHL games.

Until 1993, the NHL's top executive was the league president, and for five months in 1993 the league had a commissioner and a president. The roles were amalgamated on July 1, 1993. The presidency originated in the National Hockey Association (NHA), which Frank Calder presided over jointly as NHA and NHL president in the period of the NHL's founding and the NHA's suspension.

NHL presidents/commissionersEdit

Red Dutton, 1944

NHL president Red Dutton shown presenting the Calder Memorial Trophy to Gus Bodnar in 1944.

NHA presidentsEdit

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