The ECHL's Mountain Division was formed in 2004 as part of the National Conference in a league realignment, following the ECHL's renaming of conferences and divisions. The 2004-05 version of the West Division had the same membership as the 2003-04 Pacific Division with the only change being the addition of the Victoria Salmon Kings, who had relocated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The West Division would be split in two before the 2005-06 season, forming the Pacific and West Divisions. The West Division was renamed the Mountain Division in 2010. Two Mountain Division teams have won the Kelly Cup and two have won a Brabham Cup.

Current lineup Edit

2009-10 standings Edit

Division lineups Edit

2004-05 Edit

Changes from the 2003-04 season Edit

  • The Pacific Division is renamed the West Division.
  • The Victoria Salmon Kings, formally the dormant Baton Rouge Kingfish franchise, join the division in their first season.

2005-06 Edit

Changes from the 2004-05 season Edit

  • The West Division was split into the West Division and Pacific Division following the 2004-05 season to make the National Conference consist of only teams from the western United States and British Columbia.
  • The Bakersfield Condors, Fresno Falcons, Long Beach Ice Dogs and San Diego Gulls moved from the West Division to form a new Pacific Division.

2006-09 Edit

  • Alaska Aces
  • Idaho Steelheads
  • Phoenix RoadRunners
  • Utah Grizzlies
  • Victoria Salmon Kings

Changes from the 2005-06 season Edit

  • The Las Vegas Wranglers move to the Pacific Division.

2009-present Edit

  • Alaska Aces
  • Idaho Steelheads
  • Utah Grizzlies
  • Victoria Salmon Kings

Changes from the 2008-09 season Edit

  • The Phoenix RoadRunners ceased operations and returned their membership to the ECHL.

Changes from the 2009-10 season Edit

  • The West Division is renamed the Mountain Division

Division Champions Edit

Kelly Cup winners produced Edit

  1. 2006 – Alaska Aces
  2. 2007 – Idaho Steelheads

Mountain Division titles won by team Edit

Team Number of Championships Won Last Year Won
Alaska Aces 4 2009
Idaho Steelheads 1 2010
Victoria Salmon Kings 1 2008

Teams in bold are currently in the division.

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