"Cougars" is the name of the sports teams of Mount Royal University, located in Calgary, Alberta. It was formerly known as "Mount Royal Junior College" (MRJC) then "Mount Royal College" (MRC) until 2009. Their home arena is the Flames Community Arenas. They are members of the Canada West Universities Athletic Association (CWUAA) and Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), now known as U Sports.


MRU have played in University, College, Junior A, and Junior B leagues. They were in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) from 1964-65 through 2011-12 before moving up to the CWUAA in the 2012-13 season.

Junior SeasonsEdit

The MRJC Cougars first played in the Calgary Junior B Hockey League (CJBHL), for which there are not many records available. We do know that they won the 1953-54 Alberta Junior B Playoffs, 3 games to 1 over the Drumheller Miners in the final. They then lost the 1954 Alberta-British Columbia Junior B Championship 2 games to 0 to the Trail Smoke Eaters.

It would appear that the Cougars' final season in Junior B was 1956-57. They won the league, however the first place team went on to the provincials that year.

After being in the college ranks for a few years, they returned to junior to play in the Junior A level Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) for two seasons in 1970-71 and 1971-72. They finished first in 1972 but were ineligible for the playoffs.

College SeasonsEdit

In between the stints in junior, the Western Inter-College Conference (WICC) was formed in 1964-65, and changed its name to the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) in 1969. While in the ACAC the Cougars won two championships as "Mount Royal Junior College", nine as "Mount Royal College", and one as "Mount Royal University". They also claimed four national titles in the CCAA in those years.

University SeasonsEdit

In 2012-13 the Cougars moved up to play in the Canada West Universities Athletic Association (CWUAA), in the CIS. They made their playoff debut in 2013-14, finishing 5th and losing to the 4th place Manitoba Bisons 2 games to 1. The future additions to the Year-by-Year Results Table will therefore be for the Cougars' results at the university level.

Year-by-Year Results TableEdit

Junior SeasonsEdit

Year/Comp. GP W L T GF GA Pts Placing
1954 Alta Jr B431012136champion
1954 Alta-BC20201754lost series
1957 Calg Jr B 3416135152112404th
1957 Playoffs7520423510champion
1958 to 1970???????missing
1971 AJHL5025187243227573rd
1971 Playoffs5140 - -2semi-finals
1972 AJHL4835130250151701st

College SeasonsEdit

Year/Comp. GP W L T GF GA Pts Placing
1973 to 1995???????missing
1996 ACAC22175012589341st
1996 Playoffs10550 - -10finalist
1997 ACAC22166013472321st
1997 Playoffs4130 - -2semi-finals
1998 ACAC24193214565401st
1998 Playoffs22001164champions
1999 ACAC281810013571363rd
1999 Playoffs10730483114champions
2000 ACAC28217018796422nd
2000 Playoffs2011581semi-finals
2001 ACAC28225115873451st
2001 Playoffs5500231410champions
2002 ACAC281486139111344th
2002 Playoffs31209132qter-finals
2003 ACAC281495178125335th
2003 Playoffs2020490qter-finals
2004 ACAC281014495110246th
2004 Playoffs624015264semi-finals
2005 ACAC24148212280304th
2005 Playoffs844027338semi-finals
2006 ACAC2413929194282nd
2006 Playoffs10622403214champions
2007 ACAC24176114281352nd
2007 Playoffs41308142semi-finals
2008 ACAC24138310278294th
2008 Playoffs523010134semi-finals
2009 ACAC2820808540403rd
2009 Playoffs12741473715finalist
2010 ACAC28216213771442nd
2010 Playoffs30305100semi-finals
2011 ACAC28196310153412nd
2011 Playoffs412115123semi-finals
2012 ACAC28222412664481st
2012 Playoffs413013142semi-finals

Note: ACAC season records from 1965-66 to 1995-96 are not available to Wikia.

University SeasonsEdit

Year/Comp. GP W L OL GF GA Pts Placing
2013 CWUAA2871927214167th
2014 CWUAA281114380111255th
2014 Playoffs3120582qter-finals
2015 CWUAA28171018475353rd
2015 Playoffs633018166semi-finals
2016 CWUAA28178310073373rd
2016 Playoffs422014164semi-finals
2017 CWUAA 28 15 11 2 99 80 32 4th
2017 Playoffs 5 2 3 - 20 12 4 semi-finals
2018 CWUAA





University CupsEdit



MRC-Team 1971

MRC Cougars 1971

MRU 2011 HockeyWin

MRU 2011 ACAC championship


2013 MRU

Crowchild-2016-Jan21 CClassic6

2016 Crowchild Classic


2017 Crowchild Classic

Crowchild-2017-Deardoff 6-3305-1100-600-100-c

2017 Crowchild Classic

2017-18 MRU-team

MRU Cougars
2017-18 Team Photo

Alternate LogosEdit

MRU blue

1970-71 MRC Cougars puck


1975-94 MRC Cougars



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