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After the 1926-27 season and under pressure from the Quebec Beavers minor pro team, the Quebec Sons of Ireland folded. The Senior Group then reorganized with teams only from Montreal.

This league only had Montreal teams until 1934-35 when the Ottawa Senators were admitted. The Quebec Aces joined in 1936-37. In 1937-38 the league was renamed the Quebec Senior Hockey League which better reflected its makeup.

List of ChampionsEdit

List of SeasonsEdit



The league usually played doubleheaders and tripleheaders.

  • 1929-30 24,800 (16 dates)
  • 1930-31 30,752 (14)
  • 1931-32 45,001 (15)
  • 1932-33 29,831 (15)
  • 1933-34 70,823 (26)
  • 1934-35 88,280 (26)
  • 1935-36 99,367 (34)

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