The Moncton Aigles Bleues represent the University of Moncton which is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Home games are contested at the J. Louis Levesque Arena.


MarieveProvost CISAllTimeScorer

Marieve Provost celebrates after becoming the all-time leading scorer in CIS history

At the midway point of the 2008-09 CIS season, Marieve Provost led the CIS in scoring with 15 goals and 27 assists in 11 conference games. [1] She represented Canada in their entry at the 2009 World Universidade, which was the first appearance for the Canadian women in ice hockey at the Universidade. Provost finished the seven game tournament with seven points (four goals, three assists).

In the first 12 conference games of the 2010-11 CIS season, Provost led the CIS in scoring with 30 points (14-16-30). At the midway point of that season, she ranked third in CIS all-time scoring with 205 points (105-100-205)[2].

Year by year Edit

Season W L T OTL PF PA Pts Finish National Rank
2004–05 NR
2005–06 NR
2006–07 8
2007–08 NR
2008–09 7
2009–10 21 2 1 0 95 45 43 14
2010–11 NR
2011–12 16 8 0 0 6



Date OpponentScore
Jan. 2, 2010 Maine Black Bears2-4[3] Jill Stockton, Valerie Boisclair

Awards and honorsEdit

  • Marieve Prevost, 2010-11 CIS Scoring Champion[4]


  • Kathy Desjardins, 2009-10 AUS First Team All-Star
  • Mariève Provost, 2009-10 AUS First Team All-Star[5]
  • Valérie Boisclair, 2009-10 AUS Second Team All-Star


  • Marie-Pier Arsenault, 2011-12 CIS All-Rookie Team[6]
  • Rhéal Bordage, 2006-07 CIS Coach of the Year[7]
  • Kathy Desjardins, 2008-09 CIS All-Rookie Team[8]
  • Mariève Provost, 2007-08 CIS First Team All-Star
  • Mariève Provost, 2007-08 CIS All-Rookie team [9]
  • Mariève Provost, 2009 CIS Playoff All-Star team[10]
  • Mariève Provost, 2009-10 CIS First Team All-Star[11]
  • Mariève Provost, 2010-11 CIS First Team All-Star[12]


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