Minnesota Hockey League (1953-1955)

The league was renamed the  Central Hockey League for the 1955-1956 season. This league eventually became the United States Hockey League in 1961.

Rochester Mustangs (1953-1955) see USCHL

Hibbing Flyers (1953-1954) withdraw

Grand Forks Redwings (1953-1954) withdraw

Minneapolis Bungalows (1954-1955) see USCHL

Minneapolis Culbertsons (1954-1955) see USCHL

St. Paul Saints (1954-1955) see USCHL as St. Peters

U.S. Central Hockey League (1955-1961) renamed United States Hockey League

Rochester Mustangs (1955-1961) see USHL

Minneapolis Bungalows (1955-1961)

St. Paul Peters (1955-1956)

Minneapolis Culbertsons (1955-1961)

St. Paul K.S.T.P. (1957-1958)

Des Moines Ice Hawks (1958-1961) see USHL as Oak Leafs

Minneapolis Millers (1958-1961) see USHL as Rebels

St. Paul Capitols (1958-1959)

Green Bay Bobcats (1959-1961) see USHL

Marquette Sentinals (1959-1961)

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