This pair of photgraphs shows players and a coach from the 1963-64 season of the league. What is unusual of the pictures is that Rogatien Vachon and Scotty Bowman (above) and Craig Patrick and Larry Pleau (centered, below) all became General Managers in the National Hockey League. Also pictured are Frank J. Selke (left, below) and Sam Pollock (right, below), General Managers of the Montreal Canadiens.


This league was founded in 1954-55 as an outgrowth of the Mount Royal Junior League. It was a Junior B league with restrictions on the number of 18-20 year old players that could play,

After the Quebec Junior Hockey League folded in 1955 it became, by default, one of the leading junior leagues in Quebec.

This league existed until 1968-69. It was mainly a feeder league for Ontario Hockey Association junior teams, mostly for the Montreal Junior Canadiens. Many of the Junior Canadiens' stars played in this league, including Yvan Cournoyer, Serge Savard. Jacques Lemaire, and Carol Vadnais.

Sometimes the league champions would play for the Memorial Cup with good success against teams from Ottawa and the Maritimes but no chance against the Ontario teams.

In 1969 the league merged with the Provincial Junior League to form the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League which would be capable of competing with other junior teams from Ontario and the west.

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