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Metropolitan Junior Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Commissioner Glenn Hefferan
No. of teams 25
Country(ies) Flag of the United States United States
Official website MJHL

The Metropolitan Junior Hockey League (MJHL) is an American Tier III Junior B ice hockey league with 25 teams (as of 2009/10 season) throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States. The MJHL is part of the Atlantic Metropolitan Hockey League organization. It's "big sister" the AJHL is a Tier III, Junior A league.

The league does place a number of players into NCAA Colleges, with most going to Division III, and some to Division I[1].

Current TeamsEdit

The league has 2 division, North and South. As of December 2009, the teams playing are:

North DivisionEdit

  • Central Penn Panthers
  • Connecticut Clippers
  • Connecticut Wolves
  • Junior Titans
  • Long Island Royals
  • New Jersey Rockets
  • Northern Cyclones
  • Philadelphia Junior Flyers
  • Philadelphia Little Flyers
  • Portland Junior Pirates
  • Suffolk PAL Hockey
  • Troy Eagles
  • Valley Forge Minutemen
  • Walpole Express
  • Washington Little Capitals

South DivisionEdit

  • Atlanta Knights
  • Charleston Wolverines
  • East Coast Eagles
  • Florida Eels
  • Hampton Roads Jr. Whalers
  • Jacksonville Ice Dogs
  • Junior Checkers
  • Palm Beach Hawks
  • Space Coast Hurricanes
  • Tampa Bay Bolts

Former TeamsEdit

  • New York Junior Islanders, exited 1999

External linksEdit

Official Website- [1]


  1. MJHL 2009 College Commitments

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