The Metro Junior Hockey League was an influential top level Canadian Junior "B" league that spawned much change in the Ontario Hockey Association. It was formed in 1950 under the name "Big Six", and in 1954-55 it was known as the "Big Nine" league. In 1955 it became known as the Metropolitan Junior B league, often with the Toronto predicate as the teams were in the Toronto metropolitan area. In 1991 it became a Junior "A" league and merged with the Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League in 1998.


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Junior "B"Edit

1951 Weston Dukes
1952 Weston Dukes*
1953 Weston Dukes*
1954 Weston Dukes
1955 Woodbridge Dodgers
1956 Brampton Regents
1957 Dixie Beehives*
1958 Lakeshore Bruins
1959 Aurora Bears
1960 Toronto Marlboros
1961 St. Michael's Buzzers*
1962 Woodbridge Dodgers
1963 Lakeshore Goodyears
1964 Weston Dodgers
1965 Etobicoke Indians
1966 Toronto Westclairs
1967 Dixie Beehives
1968 Markham Waxers
1969 Markham Waxers*
1970 Dixie Beehives*
1971 Dixie Beehives*
1972 Markham Waxers*
1973 Toronto Nationals
1974 Bramalea Blues
1975 Bramalea Blues*
1976 Belleville Bobcats
1977 Seneca Nationals
1978 Oshawa Legionaires
1979 Oshawa Legionaires
1980 Belleville Bobcats*
1981 St. Michael's Buzzers*
1982 St. Michael's Buzzers*
1983 Henry Carr Crusaders*
1984 Henry Carr Crusaders
1985 Bramalea Blues
1986 Pickering Panthers
1987 Henry Carr Crusaders
1988 Bramalea Blues
1989 St. Michael's Buzzers*

(*) indicates Sutherland Cup Champions

Independent YearsEdit

1990 Thornhill Thunderbirds
1991 Wexford Raiders

Tier II Junior "A"Edit

1992 Wexford Raiders
1993 Wexford Raiders
1994 Wexford Raiders
1995 Caledon Canadians
1996 Caledon Canadians
1997 Aurora Tigers
1998 Wexford Raiders


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