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The Manitoba Senior Hockey League was a Senior league operating in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario plus the States of Minnesota and North Dakota. The League existed for 6 seasons from 1965 until 1971, and played under the sanction of the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA), in affiliation with the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA).
For the League’s first 5 years, they crowned the Provincial Champion. In year six, only half of the Leagues 4 teams register as Seniors. The other half as Intermediate. This caused the MAHA to take away the Provincial Championship from the League. The St. Boniface Mohawks ended up winning both Championships.

For continuation of Manitoba Senior Hockey, please see Canadian Central Hockey League,
and to go back in time, please see Manitoba Intermediate 'AA' Hockey League or List of Manitoba Senior Playoffs.

Manitoba ChampionsEdit

Year Team Year Team Year Team
1966 Selkirk Fishermen 1967 Winnipeg Maroons 1968 St. Boniface Mohawks
1969 Warroad Lakers 1970 St. Boniface Mohawks 1971 St. Boniface Mohawks

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