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The Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) is the governing body for collegiate sports in Manitoba. It was founded in 2007-08 as the successor to the Central Plains Athletic Conference (CPAC). The MCAC has 7 member schools and offers competition in four sports. The hockey league folded after the 2009-10 season.

The MCAC is not affiliated with the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA). However, the stated aim of the MCAC from Executive Director Bill Wedlake is on the front of their web site:

"As we expand our offering from year to year with our ultimate goal of becoming full members of the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association, we hope you will share with us the excitement of MCAC sport."

The CCAA is the second tier of university/college sport in Canada. It has not held a national hockey playoff since 2001. The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) is currently the only college league in Canada. However, the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) includes college teams.

The MCAC has concentrated on basketball, volleyball, and soccer for small local colleges and universities. Also, the MCAC has been used as a stepping-stone by CIS teams. Back in the CPAC days, Brandon University needed to enter another sport to maintain membership in the CWUAA. So, they started volleyball programs in the CPAC and entered the CWUAA when they were ready. The University of Winnipeg did likewise with their soccer teams in the early days of the MCAC. Starting in 2014-15, Brandon University is entering teams in the MCAC soccer league.

External LinksEdit

  • The old CPAC web site no longer exists.
  • The MCAC web site has limited archives. The hockey information is particularly sparse, consisting of a very few stories and standings.

Hockey SeasonsEdit

There was always tremendous disparity in the quality of the hockey teams. Some schools simply enter clubs in local rec leagues. The league operated with only 3 teams per season under the MCAC banner. Under the CPAC banner, the league peaked at 5 teams. The teams were:

All five competed in the final season of the CPAC in 2006-07. Steinbach Bible College no longer competes in any MCAC leagues, and 2007 was their final year of college hockey.

The Saint Boniface Voyageurs (now called Saint Boniface Les Rouges) did not compete in 2008 or 2009 but returned in 2010. After a rough campaign, they forfeited their final games.

The Providence Freemen (now called the Providence Pilots) last competed in 2009.

The league's best teams were always the ACC Cougars and the CMU Blazers. While it would be hard to characterize either of those as "varsity" teams, as opposed to "club" teams, they were the cream of the MCAC's crop.

The University of Winnipeg and Brandon University formerly operated CIS hockey teams and are current members of the MCAC. The Red River Rebels (very successful in other MCAC sports) once played intermediate hockey back in the 1970s when there was no college league for them.

Is it possible that the Cougars, Blazers, Bobcats, Wesmen, and Rebels would all revive their programs? There are also nearby independent schools without leagues, such as Minot State Beavers (ACHA), Williston State Tetons (NJCAA), Dakota-Bottineau Lumberjacks (NJCAA), and Jamestown Jimmies (ACHA).

CPAC SeasonsEdit

The final CPAC season was 2006-07. The archive at the former CPAC web site is no longer there.

2007-08 MCAC SeasonEdit

Men’s Semi-Final

Men's Final


2008-09 MCAC SeasonEdit

Regular SeasonEdit

Oct 26, 1988 Assiniboine College 4 - Canadian Mennonite University 4

Oct 31, 1988 Assiniboine College 1 - Providence College 1


Women’s Round Robin

Women's Final

Men’s Semi-Final

Men's Final

2009-10 MCAC SeasonEdit

Regular SeasonEdit

Team                                GP   W   L   T   Pts
Assiniboine College                  8   7   1   0   14
Canadian Mennonite University        7   4   3   0    8
Saint-Boniface University            7   0   7   0    0




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