2017 First All-Star Team
Goaltender Aaron Brunn Pembina Valley Hawks
Defensemen Nick Cicek Winnipeg Wild
Aidan Woodley Yellowhead Chiefs
Forwards Ryan Heino Yellowhead Chiefs
Dawson McKenzie Winnipeg Thrashers
Joey Moffatt Central Plains Capitals
2017 Second All-Star Team
Goaltender Zachary Bennett Winnipeg Thrashers
Defensemen Curtis Ireland Brandon Wheat Kings
Carson Tiede Winnipeg Thrashers
Forwards Mackenzie Belinski Yellowhead Chiefs
Elijah Carels Pembina Valley Hawks
Cedric Chenier Winnipeg Wild
2016 First All-Star Team
Goaltender Riley Lamb Yellowhead Chiefs
Defensemen Sam Huston Brandon Wheat Kings
Kayle Tosh Eastman Selects
Forwards Riese Gaber Parkland Rangers
Brad Goethals Eastman Selects
Nate Hooper Winnipeg Thrashers
2016 Second All-Star Team
Goaltender Landon Poiron Eastman Selects
Defensemen Curtis Brule Eastman Selects
Conor Timlick Winnipeg Wild
Forwards Tucker Scantlebury Yellowhead Chiefs
Ryan Sinclair Central Plains Capitals
Riley Stotts Winnipeg Wild
2015 First All-Star Team
Goaltender Josh Petersen Brandon Wheat Kings
Defensemen Tyler Anderson Winnipeg Wild
Trevor Kavanaugh Kenora Thistles
Forwards Morgan Geekie Yellowhead Chiefs
Brad Goethals Eastman Selects
Jeremey Leipsic Winnipeg Wild
2015 Second All-Star Team
Goaltender Mitchel Adamyk Winnipeg Wild
Defensemen Jesse Lawrence Brandon Wheat Kings
Max Martin Winnipeg Wild
Forwards Coltyn Bates Brandon Wheat Kings
Connor Gutenberg Brandon Wheat Kings
Bradley Schoonbaert Brandon Wheat Kings
2014 First All-Star Team
Goaltender Evan Johnson Winnipeg Wild
Defensemen Tanner Kyle Yellowhead Chiefs
James Shearer Brandon Wheat Kings
Forwards Duncan Campbell Brandon Wheat Kings
Brett Howden Eastman Selects
Tanner Kaspick Brandon Wheat Kings
2014 Second All-Star Team
Goaltender Ryan Kubic Winnipeg Thrashers
Defensemen Mackenzie Dwyer Winnipeg Thrashers
Mark Taraschuk Winnipeg Wild
Forwards Morgan Geekie Yellowhead Chiefs
Nolan Patrick Winnipeg Thrashers
Jordy Stallard Brandon Wheat Kings

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