This list includes players from Manitoba Junior Hockey League, and it’s predecessor the Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, that went on to play in the National Hockey League.

NHL Shield (Medium)


NHL players 282




Hall of Famer Andy Bathgate
played 1 game in the MJHL

Laurie Boschman

Brandon Travellers Laurie Boschman played a 1,009 games in the NHL


Hall of Famer Turk Broda played
for the Winnipeg Monarchs

Matt Calvert

Columbus Blue Jackets Matt Calvert played for the Winkler Flyers

Art Chapman

Art Chapman spent 10 seasons in the NHL and a 2nd All-Star Team in 1937


Center Bill Derlago played for the Brandon Travellers in 1974-75

Ryan Garbutt

Dallas Stars Ryan Garbutt played
for the Winnipeg South Blues

Charlie Gardiner 2

Hall of Famer Charlie Gardiner played for the Winnipeg Tammany Tigers

Darren Helm II

Detroit Red Wings forward Darren Helm played for the Selkirk Steelers

Bryan Hextall

Hall of Famer Bryan Hextall
played for the Portage Terriers

Ted Irvine

St. Boniface Canadiens Ted Irvine led the MJHL in goals in 1962-63 with 31

Sheldon Kennedy

Sheldon Kennedy played for the Winnipeg South Blues in 1985-86


Fort Garry Blues Grant Ledyard played
over a thousand games in the NHL

Ron Low 2

Ron Low led the Dauphin Kings to back to back Championships in 1969 & 1970

John McCreedy

Stanley Cup winner John McCreedy won a Memorial Cup with the Monarchs

Cody McLeod

Cody McLeod played for the Waywayseecappo Wolverines

Murray Murdoch

2x Stanley Cup winner Murray Murdoch won a Memorial Cup with U of M Varsity

Babe Pratt

Hall of Famer Babe Pratt won a MJHL championship with Kenora Thistles

Billy Reay

2x Stanley Cup winner Billy Reay won a Memorial Cup with St. Boniface Seals

Terry Sawchuk

Terry Sawchuk was selected
Manitoba’s Player of the Century

Charlie Simmer

Kenora Muskies Charlie Simmer
won the MJHL scoring title in 1973

Jack Stewart

Hall of Famer Black Jack Stewart
played for the Portage Terriers

Jordin Tootoo II

Jordin Tootoo won a MJHL title with the OCN Blizzard in 1999

Juha Widing

Sweden’s Juha Widing played for the Brandon Wheat Kings

Travis Zajac II

St. James Canadians Travis Zajac was a NHL first round draft pick

Mike Allison

Before Mike Allison scored over a hundred goals in the NHL, he played
two seasons for the Kenora Thistles


Hall of Famer Ed Belfour won the MJHL's Top Goaltender Award in 1985 & 1986

Bobby clarke

Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke set MJHL records for goals, assists, & points

Art Coulter

Hall of Famer Art Coulter played
for the Winnipeg Pilgrims

Brian Engblom

3X Stanley Cup winner Brian Engblom played for the Winnipeg Monarchs

Bill Fairbairn

Brandon Wheat Kings Bill Fairbairn set MJHL records for assists & points for RW

Butch Goring

4X Stanley Cup winner Butch Goring won a MJHL Championship in 1969

Travis Hamonic II

NY Islanders defensemen Travis Hamonic played for the Winnipeg Saints

Ron Hextall

Goalie Ron Hextall played for the Brandon Travellers in 1979-80

Tom Johnson

Hall of Famer Tom Johnson played for the Winnipeg Monarchs

Mike Keane

Mike Keane played over 1100 games
in the NHL, winning 3 Stanley Cups

Reggie Leach

Stanley Cup winner Reggie Leach played for the Flin Flon Bombers

Chuck Lefley

2x Stanley Cup winner Chuck Lefley
was MJHL Rookie of the Year in 1966

Bill Masterton

Bill Masterton won a Championship with St. Boniface Canadiens in 1956

Ab McDonald 3

4X Stanley Cup winner Ab McDonald won back to back MJHL Championships

Bill Mosienko

Hall of Famer Bill Mosienko played for the Winnipeg Monarchs

Harry Oliver

Hall of Famer Harry Oliver was on the first WJrHL championship team

Chuck Rayner

Hall of Famer Chuck Rayner won
a MJHL championship in 1940


St. Boniface Saints Mike Ridley set MJHL records for goals and points

Johnny Sheppard

Stanley Cup winner Johnny Sheppard won a MJHL Championship

Wally Stanowski

4X Stanley Cup winner Wally Stanowski won a Memorial Cup in 1938 with the St. Boniface Seals

Blaine Stoughton II

Dauphin Kings Blaine Stoughton tied for the NHL goal scoring lead in 1980

Ernie Wakely

Winnipeg Braves Ernie Wakely was named Canada's outstanding junior hockey player for January 1961

Neil Wilkinson

Selkirk Steelers Neil Wilkinson won the MJHL Rookie of the Year Award in 1986






















NHL Awards WinnersEdit


Babe Pratt 1944 Chuck Rayner 1950 Andy Bathgate 1959 Bobby Clarke 1973, 1975, & 1976


Charlie Gardiner 1932 & 1934 Turk Broda 1941 & 1948 Terry Sawchuk 1952, 1953, 1955, & 1965
Ron Hextall 1987 Ed Belfour 1991 & 1993


Terry Sawchuk 1951 Ed Belfour 1991

Lady ByngEdit

Bill Mosienko 1945 Andy Hebenton 1957 Butch Goring 1978


Bobby Clarke 1972 Butch Goring 1978 Charlie Simmer 1986

Conn SmytheEdit

Reggie Leach 1976 Butch Goring 1981 Ron Hextall 1987


Bryan Hextall Tom Johnson Bobby Clarke Ed Belfour
Art Ross 1942 Norris 1959 Pearson 1987 Selke 1983 Jennings 1991, 1993, 1995, & 1999

NHL All-StarsEdit

Art Chapman, Bryan Hextall, Bill Mosienko,
Andy Bathgate, Bobby Clarke, Reggie Leach, & Charlie Simmer
Art Coulter, Wally Stanowski, Jack Stewart, Babe Pratt,
Glen Harmon, Tom Johnson, Ted Green, Ted Harris, & Brian Engblom
Charlie Gardiner, Turk Broda, Chuck Rayner,
Terry Sawchuk, Jim Henry, Ron Hextall, & Ed Belfour
Ron Hextall, Ed Belfour, & Tyler Arnason

Hockey Hall of FameEdit


Andy Bathgate, Ed Belfour, Turk Broda, Art Coulter, Bobby Clarke, Charlie Gardiner, Bryan Hextall,
Tom Johnson, Bill Mosienko, Harry Oliver, Babe Pratt, Chuck Rayner, Terry Sawchuk, and Jack Stewart.


Jake Milford, Rudy Pilous, & Fred Shero.

300 Goal ClubEdit

Reggie Leach 381 Butch Goring 375 Bobby Clarke 358 Andy Bathgate 349 Charlie Simmer 342

400 Assist ClubEdit

Bobby Clarke 852 Andy Bathgate 624 Butch Goring 513 Mike Ridley 466

750 Point ClubEdit

Bobby Clarke 1210 Andy Bathgate 973 Butch Goring 888 Mike Ridley 758

1000 Game ClubEdit

Mike Keane 1161 Bobby Clarke 1144 Butch Goring 1107
Andy Bathgate 1069 Grant Ledyard 1028 Laurie Boschman 1009

25 Shutout ClubEdit

Terry Sawchuk 103 Ed Belfour 76 Turk Broda 62 Charlie Gardiner 42 Jim Henry 28

200 Win ClubEdit

Ed Belfour 484 Terry Sawchuk 447 Turk Broda 302 Ron Hextall 296


References Edit

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