2017 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Cole Weaver Winkler Flyers
Defensemen Sam Stewart Neepawa Natives
Layne Toder Portage Terriers
Forwards Riese Gaber Dauphin Kings
Will Koop Steinbach Pistons
Dallas Tulik Winnipeg Blues
2016 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Emilien Boily OCN Blizzard
Defensemen Darby Gula Steinbach Pistons
Tyler Jubenvill Winkler Flyers
Forwards Bennett Dalke Virden Oil Capitals
Nick Henry Portage Terriers
Josh Tripp Swan Valley Stampeders
2015 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Hayden Dola Selkirk Steelers
Defensemen Brady Keeper OCN Blizzard
James Shearer Steinbach Pistons
Forwards Kirklan Lycar Dauphin Kings
Devin Muir OCN Blizzard
Rylee Zimmer Waywayseecappo Wolverines
2014 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Zac Robidoux Portage Terriers
Defensemen Wyatt Kalynuk Virden Oil Capitals
Brett Orr Portage Terriers
Forwards Tyler Jeanson Portage Terriers
Carter Johnson Swan Valley Stampeders
Jackson Keane Winnipeg Blues
2013 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Brian Archibald Dauphin Kings
Defensemen Justin Baudry Steinbach Pistons
Garrett Johnston Swan Valley Stampeders
Forwards Drake Bodie Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Tristan Keck Winkler Flyers
Drake Lindsay Neepawa Natives
2012 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Isiah Plett Winnipeg Blues
Defensemen Tanner Jago Winkler Flyers
Paul Stoykewych Winnipeg Blues
Forwards Kurt Keats Winnipeg Blues
Corey Petrash Winnipeg Saints
Justin Valentino Swan Valley Stampeders
2011 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Reed Peters Winkler Flyers
Defensemen Yvan Pattyn Portage Terriers
Landon Peel Swan Valley Stampeders
Forwards Bryn Chyzyk Dauphin Kings
Brett Pinkerton Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Brent Wold Portage Terriers
2010 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Addison Herosian Steinbach Pistons
Defensemen Mathew Backhouse Dauphin Kings
Rene Hunter Portage Terriers
Forwards Eric Coulombe Steinbach Pistons
Brendan O’Donnell Winnipeg South Blues
Tyler Swerdyliak Neepawa Natives
2009 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Joey Rewucki Selkirk Steelers
Defensemen Dylan Heide Selkirk Steelers
Peter Stoykewych Winnipeg South Blues
Forwards Jordan DePape Winnipeg Saints
Derek Gingera Selkirk Steelers
Brenden Walker Portage Terriers
2008 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Mathew Shenher Selkirk Steelers
Defensemen Scott Macaulay Winnipeg Saints
Steven Shamanski Dauphin Kings
Forwards Eli Halcrow Beausejour Blades
Nick Lazorko Winkler Flyers
Stephan Vigier Swan Valley Stampeders
2007 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Cody Pollon Neepawa Natives
Defensemen Remi Chartier Winnipeg Saints
Eddie Friesen Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Forwards Sean Collins Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Aaron Lewadniuk Winkler Flyers
Luke Stokotelny Dauphin Kings
2006 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Brad Werhun Swan Valley Stampeders
Defensemen Jeff Penner Dauphin Kings
Dane Voegtlin OCN Blizzard
Forwards Jason Frykas Selkirk Steelers
Matt Gingera Winnipeg Saints
Jason Gregoire Winnipeg South Blues
2006 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Adam Rivard Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Defensemen John Murray Winkler Flyers
Grant Perdonic Selkirk Steelers
Forwards Mike Audino Portage Terriers
Shane Jury Neepawa Natives
Riley Nixdorf Winnipeg South Blues
2005 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Blaine Neufeld Winkler Flyers
Defensemen Jordan Pernarowski Dauphin Kings
Wade Poplawski Winnipeg South Blues
Forwards Andrew Clark Neepawa Natives
Jordan Cyr Selkirk Steelers
Matt Ostash Winkler Flyers
2005 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Kurt Jory Neepawa Natives
Defensemen Travis Avery Winkler Flyers
Jason Gray Winnipeg South Blues
Forwards Nicholas Foisy Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Zack McMillan Winkler Flyers
Jason Yuel Winnipeg Saints
2004 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Stefan Drew Portage Terriers
Defensemen Chris Barth Dauphin Kings
Devrin Stonehouse Neepawa Natives
Forwards Brodie Dupont Swan Valley Stampeders
Mark Magnowski Winnipeg Saints
Brock Trotter Dauphin Kings
2004 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Jonathan Trout Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Defensemen David Gordin Neepawa Natives
Beau Prokopetz Winnipeg South Blues
Forwards Kevin Clark Winnipeg South Blues
Ian Lowe Swan Valley Stampeders
Chris Stelmack Selkirk Steelers
2003 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Jonathan Meyer OCN Blizzard
Defensemen Nick Lubimiv Portage Terriers
Riley Weselowski Neepawa Natives
Forwards Tim Hammell Winnipeg Saints
Andrew Jackman Portage Terriers
Dustin Norman Neepawa Natives
2003 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Orlando Alamano Swan Valley Stampeders
Defensemen Dalyn Flatt Swan Valley Stampeders
Colin Herman Winkler Flyers
Forwards Josh Froese Winkler Flyers
Brent Howarth Selkirk Steelers
Steven Sleep Selkirk Steelers
2002 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Louis Chabot OCN Blizzard
Defensemen Dustin Cosgrove Swan Valley Stampeders
Derek Poplawski St. James Canadians
Forwards Trevor Derlago Swan Valley Stampeders
Blaine Jarvis Neepawa Natives
Mark Olafson St. James Canadians
2002 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Karson Gillespie Neepawa Natives
Defensemen Chris Thorpe Neepawa Natives
Andy Zulyniak St. James Canadians
Forwards Tyler Perkins Winnipeg Saints
Chad Wrixon Winkler Flyers
Travis Zajac St. James Canadians
2001 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Ian Vigier Winkler Flyers
Defensemen Steve Mullin Winkler Flyers
Travis Wight Portage Terriers
Forwards Mark Agnew Swan Valley Stampeders
Cody McLeod Waywayseecappo Wolverines
Justin Tetrault OCN Blizzard
2001 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Tim Boron Winnipeg South Blues
Defensemen Steve Later Winnipeg South Blues
Lloyd Stansell Winkler Flyers
Forwards Jordan Gmiterek Selkirk Steelers
Jordan Hack Selkirk Steelers
Mark Shefchyk Winnipeg Saints
2000 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender D.J. Huver St. James Canadians
Defensemen Mike Gabriel Swan Valley Stampeders
Justin Seaborg OCN Blizzard
Forwards Phillip Albert OCN Blizzard
Brendan Cook Winkler Flyers
Noah Whyte Southeast Blades
1999 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Preston McKay OCN Blizzard
Defensemen Nick Fuher Winkler Flyers
Kevin Harris Dauphin Kings
Forwards Kyle Johnson St. Boniface Saints
Junior Lessard Portage Terriers
Jordin Tootoo OCN Blizzard
1998 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Joey Fontaine St. Boniface Saints
Defensemen Garnet Exelby Winnipeg South Blues
Kevin Wilson OCN Blizzard
Forwards Andrew Kirk Southeast Blades
Shaun Rose OCN Blizzard
Ron Shingoose Neepawa Natives
1997 Rookie All-Star Team
1996 First Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender David Haun Winkler Flyers
Defensemen Cory Dittmer Winkler Flyers
Brent Kyle Neepawa Natives
Forwards Jamie Brewster Winnipeg South Blues
David Burgess Winkler Flyers
Says Phrakonkham St. Boniface Saints
1996 Second Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Andy Kollar St. James Canadians
Defensemen Tony Owens St. Boniface Saints
Tom Plesh St. James Canadians
Forwards Tyler Carefoot Portage Terriers
Jaret Harms Dauphin Kings
Kevin Ploegman Selkirk Steelers
1995 Rookie All-Star Team
Goaltender Chris Brett St. James Canadians
Defensemen Neil Andruschak Dauphin Kings
Colin O'Hara Winnipeg South Blues
Forwards Ryden Marko St. James Canadians
Billy Pugliese Portage Terriers
Derek Robertson Portage Terriers
MJHL Rookie All-Star Teams


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