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Junior Big Four LeagueEdit

Ottawa District Junior Hockey


This league was formed in 1938-39 to give some of the stronger junior teams in the Ottawa District better competition. They came from different parts of the District and had not normally played together.

The exception was Renfrew. Pembroke wanted Renfrew in the minimize travel costs. Perth and Brockville agreed in order to have a better schedule.

The playoffs were predetermined before the schedule. Renfrew would enter the first round of the district Citizen Shield playoffs. Perth and Brockville would play off with the winner going against Pembroke, The winner of that series would have a bye into the Citizen Shield final.

This league only played this one season. The next year the Perth Blue Wings would play in the new Ottawa City & District Junior League.


Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Perth Blue Wings 6 6 0 0 47 15 12
Pembroke Lumber Kings 6 4 2 0 31 18 8
Brockville 6 2 4 0 23 42 4
Renfrew Maroons 6 0 6 0 12 38 0

Regular Season GamesEdit

Date Winner Loser Location
January 20 Perth 6 Brockville 1 Brockville
January 20 Pembroke 3 Renfrew 1 Renfrew
January 27 Perth 8 Renfrew 1 Perth
January 27 Pembroke 9 Brockville 2 Pembroke
February 3 Perth 2 Pembroke 1 Pembroke
February 3 Brockville 4 Renfrew 3 Brockville
February 8 Perth 14 Brockville 4 Perth
February 8 Pembroke 6 Renfrew 0 Pembroke
February 10 Perth 10 Renfrew 1 Renfrew
February 10 Pembroke 7 Brockville 5 Smiths Falls
February 17 Perth 7 Pembroke 5 Perth
February 17 Brockville 7 Renfrew 1 Renfrew

The game on February 10 was played at Smiths Falls because there was no ice available in Brockville.


Semi FinalEdit

2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
February 20 Perth 9 Brockville 1 Perth
February 22 Perth 8 Brockville 1 Smiths Falls

Perth Blue Wings beat Brockville 17 goals to 2.


Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
February 24 Perth 7 Pembroke 4 Perth
February 27 Pembroke 6 Perth 2 Pembroke
March 3 Perth 13 Pembroke 2 Ottawa

Perth Blue Wings beat Pembroke Lumber Kings 2 wins to 1.

Perth Blue Wings advanced to the 1938-39 Ottawa District Junior Playoffs.

Game AdsEdit

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