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List of Winnipeg Jets (1972-96) draft picks

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This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Winnipeg Jets franchise. It includes every player who was drafted, regardless of whether they played for the team.


      Played at least one game with the Jets

Pos Position
S Supplemental draft selection
RS WHA or NHL regular season games played
PO WHA or NHL post season games played
G Goaltender C Centre
D Defenceman LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing F Forward

Draft picksEdit


Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos RS PO
1973 1 11 Andruff, RonRon Andruff Flag of Canada.svg Canada C


Note: Stats are updated through the end of the 2007–08 season

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos RS PO
1979 1 19 Mann, JimmyJimmy Mann Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW 293 22
1979 2 40 Christian, DaveDave Christian Flag of the United States United States RW 1009 102
1979 3 61 Whelton, BillBill Whelton Flag of the United States United States D 2
1979 4 82 Daley, PatPat Daley Flag of France France LW 12
1979 5 103 Steen, ThomasThomas Steen Flag of Sweden Sweden F 950 56
1979 6 124 Watters, TimTim Watters Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 741 82
1980 1 2 Babych, DaveDave Babych Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 1195 114
1980 2 23 Mantha, MoeMoe Mantha Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 656 17
1980 3 44 Eaves, MurrayMurray Eaves Flag of Canada.svg Canada F 57 4
1980 4 65 Guy Fournier Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1980 5 86 Glen Ostir Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1980 6 107 Loustel, RonRon Loustel Flag of Canada.svg Canada G 1
1980 7 128 Mullen, BrianBrian Mullen Flag of the United States United States F 832 63
1980 7 135 Lauen, MichelMichel Lauen Flag of the United States United States RW 3
1980 8 149 Beadle, SandySandy Beadle Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW 6
1980 9 170 Ed Christian Flag of the United States United States F
1980 10 191 Chartier, DaveDave Chartier Flag of Canada.svg Canada C 1
1995 1 7 Doan, ShaneShane Doan Flag of Canada.svg Canada F

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