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1927 Regina Capitals
1950 Regina Maroons
1951 Saskatoon Wesleys
1952 Regina Pats
1953 Yorkton
1954 Yorkton
1958 Lebret Indians
1962 Melville Millionaires
1963 Weyburn Elks
1964 Regina Pats
1965 Saskatoon Blades
1966 North Battleford
1967 Shellbrook Knights
1970 St. Peters College Muenster (NSJHL)
1971 Saskatoon Macs (NSJHL}
1972 St. Thomas College Imperials (NSJHL)
1973 St. Thomas College Imperials (NSJHL)
1974 Saskatoon Quakers (NSJHL)
1975 Saskatoon Quakers (NSJHL)
1976 Melfort TM's (NSJHL)
1977 Melfort TM's (NSJHL)
1978 Saskatoon Quakers (NSJHL)
1979 Melfort TM's (NSJHL)
1981 Hudson Bay Saints (NSJHL)
1982 Saskatoon Quakers (NSJHL)
1983 Saskatoon Westleys (NSJHL)
1984 Saskatoon Westleys (NSJHL)
1985 Prince Albert North Stars (NSJHL)
1986 Prince Albert North Stars (NSJHL)
1987 Hudson Bay Saints (NSJHL)
1988 Warman Valley Crusaders (NSJHL)
1989 Kinistino Tigers (NSJHL)
1990 Kinistino Tigers (NSJHL)
1991 Kinistino Tigers (NSJHL)
1992 Kinistino Tigers (NSJHL)
1993 Kinistino Tigers (NSJHL)
1994 Kinistino Tigers (NSJHL)
1995 Regina Capitals (SSJHL)
1996 Assiniboia Southern Rebels (SSJHL)
1997 Greenfeld Storm (SSJHL)
1998 Saskatoon Royals (NSJHL)
1999 Assiniboia Southern Rebels (SSJHL)
2000 Saskatoon Royals (SSJHL)
2001 Assiniboia Southern Rebels (SSJHL)
2002 Assiniboia Southern Rebels (SSJHL)
2003 Assiniboia Southern Rebels (SSJHL)
2004 Regina Capitals (SSJHL)
2005 Saskatoon Royals (NSJHL)
2006 Saskatoon Royals (NSJHL)
2007 Saskatoon Royals (NSJHL)
2008 Pilot Butte Storm (PJHL)

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