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Quebec University Athletic Association (QUAA)Edit


The QUAA was formed when the OSLC, OIAA, and QOAA folded after the 1970-71 season. Loyola College, UQTR Patriotes, Bishop's Gaiters, University of Sherbrooke, RMC Paladins, and Sir George Williams Georgians came from the OSLC. McGill University and University of Montreal came from the QOAA. The remaining QOAA, OSLC, and OIAA teams were from Ontario and joined the OUAA.

List of seasonsEdit

Note - The remaining QUAA teams (UQTR, Ottawa, McGill, and Concordia) joined the OUA in 1987-88.

Table of ChampionsEdit

Teams Claiming QUAA/QSSF/RSEQ National Berths After Conference FoldedEdit

Commencing in the 2014-15 season the University Cup went to an 8-team format.

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