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Timonen and Gagne

Kimmo Timonen and Simon Gagne.

This is a complete list of ice hockey players who have played for the Philadelphia Flyers in the National Hockey League (NHL). It includes players that have played at least one regular season or playoff game for the Philadelphia Flyers since the franchise was established in 1967. Founded in 1967 as one of six expansion teams, 510 different players have played with the Flyers.

As of April 25, 2009, 43 goaltenders and 467 skaters (forwards and defensemen) have appeared in at least one regular-season and/or playoff game with the Philadelphia Flyers since the team joined the league in the 1967–68 NHL season. The Flyers won the Stanley Cup in 1974 and 1975 with a total of 26 players. 17 of them were part of both Stanley Cup winning rosters. The 510 all-time members of the Flyers are listed below, with statistics complete through the end of the 2008–09 season.


      Stanley Cup winner, Hockey Hall of Famer, Flyers Hall of Famer or jersey retired
      Appeared in a Flyers game during the 2008–09 season

Lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 2000–01 NHL season would be listed as playing with the team from 2000–01, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within. This list includes all players that have played at least one regular season or playoff game for the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL since the 1967–68 season.
All players
Nat Nationality
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Flag of the United States United States
SC Stanley Cup winner
HHOF Hockey Hall of Fame member
FHOF Flyers Hall of Fame member
GP Games Played
W Wins
L Losses
T Ties
OTL Overtime Loss
SO Shutouts
GAA Goals against average
SV% Save percentage
Pos Position
C Center
D Defenseman
LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing
GP Games Played
G Goals
A Assists
P Points
PIM Penalty minutes


Note: Stats are updated through the end of the 2008–09 season.

Name Nat Seasons Regular season Playoffs Notes
Stephane Beauregard Flag of Canada 1992–931639004.41.854
Michel Belhumeur Flag of Canada 1972–732397303.22.90310006.00.889
Martin Biron Flag of Canada 2006–0913965471672.71.91523111222.87.908
Brian Boucher Flag of the United States 1999–200210346381272.45.9012111812.07.916
Sean Burke Flag of Canada 1997–98
Roman Cechmanek Flag of the Czech Republic 2000–03163924322201.96.9232391432.33.909
Frederic Chabot Flag of Canada 1993–94401104.29.875
Marc D'Amour Flag of Canada 1988–89100000.001.000
Robert Esche Flag of the United States 2002–07132603910672.65.90024131112.74.906
Doug Favell Flag of Canada 1967–73215768737162.78.9171661013.10.904
Bob Froese Flag of Canada 1982–87144922912122.74.899122603.74.864
Bruce Gamble Flag of Canada 1970–72351014423.09.90820206.00.821
Jeff Hackett Flag of Canada 2003–04271010632.39.905
Ron Hextall Flag of Canada 1986–92
48924017258182.91.89584453622.95.898FHOF 2008
Bruce Hoffort Flag of Canada 1989–91940303.75.872
Martin Houle Flag of Canada 2006–071000030.00.667
Gary Inness Flag of Canada 1975–77830202.18.922
Darren Jensen Flag of Canada 1984–86301510123.81.879
Mark Laforest Flag of Canada 1987–89381016413.91.873
Michel Larocque Flag of Canada 1982–83201104.00.857
Michael Leighton Flag of Canada 2006–07422003.69.882
Pelle Lindbergh Flag of Sweden 1981–8615787491573.30.88723121033.11.893
Neil Little Flag of Canada 2001–02
Don McLeod Flag of Canada 1971–72403104.64.863
Robbie Moore Flag of Canada 1978–79530121.77.92953204.03.838
Jerome Mrazek Flag of Canada 1975–761000010.00.667
Phil Myre Flag of Canada 1979–815724121903.71.87265112.50.920
Antero Niittymaki Flag of Finland 2003–09161626102343.01.90120004.11.828
Maxime Ouellet Flag of Canada 2000–01201002.37.889
Bernie Parent Flag of Canada 1967–71
486232141103502.42.91763352862.38.916SC 1974
SC 1975
#1 retired 1979
HHOF 1984
FHOF 1988
Pete Peeters Flag of Canada 1978–82
Jean-Marc Pelletier Flag of the United States 1998–99101005.00.828
Glenn Resch Flag of Canada 1985–872277202.96.90030002.79.846
Dominic Roussel Flag of Canada 1991–9613962491453.18.89510000.001.000
Garth Snow Flag of the United States 1995–989040251632.59.900138402.83.892
Tommy Soderstrom Flag of Sweden 1992–947826351073.66.881
Rick St. Croix Flag of Canada 1977–838238261623.23.888104612.99.891
Wayne Stephenson Flag of Canada 1974–79165933522102.77.89723101022.86.894SC 1975
Bobby Taylor Flag of Canada 1971–76441516704.05.886SC 1974
SC 1975
John Vanbiesbrouck Flag of the United States 1998–200011252332492.19.90462411.46.938
Dunc Wilson Flag of Canada 1969–70101003.00.885
Ken Wregget Flag of Canada 1988–921074247903.55.87952202.24.928
Wendell Young Flag of Canada 1987–88632003.75.866



Note: Stats are updated through the end of the 2008–09 season.

Biron, Martin2

Martin Biron joined the Flyers towards the end of the 2006–07 season.

Robert Esche

Robert Esche spent four seasons with the Flyers.

Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter has played the last three seasons with the Flyers.

Simon Gagne

Simon Gagne has been with the Flyers since the 1999–2000 season.

David Printz

David Printz played 13 games with the Flyers over parts of two seasons.


Both Mike Richards (left) and Jeff Carter (right) were drafted by the Flyers in 2003 and have played for the Flyers since the 2005–06 season.

Timonen, Kimmo

Kimmo Timonen has been with the Flyers since the 2007–08 season.

Name Nat Pos Seasons1 Regular season Playoffs Notes
<span id="A"/>Keith Acton Flag of Canada C1988–9330345721174121623518
Greg Adams Flag of Canada LW1980–823971522113
Dmitry Afanasenkov Flag of Russia LW2006–0741871512
Andrew Alberts Flag of the United States D2008–09791121361601110
Ray Allison Flag of Canada RW1981–85
Tony Amonte Flag of the United States RW2002–049327416840314111510
Shawn Anderson Flag of Canada D1994–9510000
Mikael Andersson Flag of Sweden LW1998–200043246060112
Lou Angotti Flag of Canada C1967–68701237493570002
Shawn Antoski Flag of Canada LW1994–96891342652012338
Bill Armstrong Flag of Canada LW1990–9110110
Fred Arthur Flag of Canada D1981–83771894940002
Arron Asham Flag of Canada RW2008–09788122015561126
Barry Ashbee Flag of Canada D1970–742701567822771704422SC 1974
#4 retired 1975
FHOF 1991
<span id="B"/>Dave Babych Flag of Canada D1997–99392463251014
Reid Bailey Flag of Canada D1980–8227134781402223
Terry Ball Flag of Canada D1967–68
Bill Barber Flag of Canada LW1972–849034204638836231295355108109SC 1974
SC 1975
FHOF 1989
#7 retired 1990
HHOF 1990
Norm Barnes Flag of Canada D1976–77
Murray Baron Flag of Canada D1989–918310102086
Len Barrie Flag of Canada C1989–90
Ryan Bast Flag of Canada D1998–9920110
Frank Bathe Flag of Canada D1977–83198324275022713442
Nolan Baumgartner Flag of Canada D2006–07601121
Harvey Bennett Flag of the United States C1976–7853138216740002
Brian Benning Flag of Canada D1991–9359112940128
Josef Beranek Flag of the Czech Republic LW1992–95134463884137
Todd Bergen Flag of Canada C1984–85141151641749138
Bo Berglund Flag of Sweden RW1985–8670224
Serge Bernier Flag of Canada C1968–7212335407513041120
Craig Berube Flag of Canada LW1986–91
Don Biggs Flag of Canada C1989–90112028
Don Blackburn Flag of Canada LW1967–69115162945591130310
Tom Bladon Flag of Canada D1972–7846367163230281788243268SC 1974
SC 1975
Claude Boivin Flag of Canada LW1991–94114111829320
Mike Boland Flag of Canada D1974–7520000
Mark Botell Flag of Canada D1981–82324101431
Jesse Boulerice Flag of the United States RW2001–02
Jason Bowen Flag of Canada D1992–977326899
Donald Brashear Flag of the United States LW2001–0627022446664837257101
Pavel Brendl Flag of the Czech Republic RW2001–03506713620000
Andy Brickley Flag of the United States LW1982–8331120
Mel Bridgman Flag of Canada C1975–8246211920532497174133043201
Danny Briere Flag of Canada C2007–09108425597942310102028
Aris Brimanis Flag of the United States D1993–94
Rod Brind'Amour Flag of Canada C1991–20006332353666015635724275131
Willie Brossart Flag of Canada D1970–734705512
Dave Brown Flag of Canada RW1982–89
Larry Brown Flag of Canada D1971–72120002
Mike Bullard Flag of Canada C1988–90124506311312719391232
Marc Bureau Flag of Canada C1998–200012568142060222
Adam Burt Flag of the United States D1998–20008417859170118
Mike Busniuk Flag of Canada D1979–81143323262972525734
Vyacheslav Butsayev Flag of Russia C1992–9499142337119
Mike Byers Flag of Canada RW1968–695022040110
<span id="C"/>Kyle Calder Flag of Canada LW2006–07599122136
Drew Callander Flag of Canada RW1976–79183145
Daniel Carcillo Flag of Canada LW2008–09200448051125
Terry Carkner Flag of Canada D1988–93376291031328671915628
Matt Carle Flag of the United States D2008–0964420241660334
Dwight Carruthers Flag of Canada D1967–6810000
Lindsay Carson Flag of Canada LW1981–88346617613749544381156
Jeff Carter Flag of Canada C2005–0930711210421621129751230
Dick Cherry Flag of Canada D1968–701391210224141014
Eric Chouinard Flag of the United States RW2002–0646741110
Jeff Chychrun Flag of Canada D1986–91199317206081902265
Bobby Clarke Flag of Canada C1969–841144358852121014531364277119152SC 1974
SC 1975
#16 retired 1984
HHOF 1987
FHOF 1988
Bill Clement Flag of Canada C1971–7522953521051661820212SC 1974
SC 1975
Braydon Coburn Flag of Canada D2006–091581648641712009921
Glen Cochrane Flag of Canada D1978–79
Paul Coffey Flag of Canada D1996–98948475550171896HHOF 2004
Bill Collins Flag of Canada RW1976–7791124
Mike Comrie Flag of Canada C2003–042145912
Al Conroy Flag of Canada RW1991–9411491423156
Bob Corkum Flag of the United States C1995–96284378121236
Riley Cote Flag of Canada LW2006–0914116738730000
Bruce Cowick Flag of Canada LW1973–7480009SC 1974
Murray Craven Flag of Canada LW1984–92523152272424315449152428
Terry Crisp Flag of Canada C1972–771942554797847713208SC 1974
SC 1975
Shawn Cronin Flag of the United States D1992–933521337
Doug Crossman Flag of Canada D1983–8839235158193255609223181
Phil Crowe Flag of Canada D1995–961611228
Mark Cullen Flag of the United States C2006–0730000
Jim Cummins Flag of the United States RW1993–942212371
Jim Cunningham Flag of the United States LW1977–7810004
<span id="D"/>Alexandre Daigle Flag of Canada C1997–9968121931850220
J. J. Daigneault Flag of Canada D1986–88105818266891010
Bob Dailey Flag of Canada D1976–82304561381943975610304091
Rod Dallman Flag of Canada LW1991–9220005
Kimbi Daniels Flag of Canada C1990–92271234
Scott Daniels Flag of Canada LW1996–9756538237
Craig Darby Flag of the United States C1996–98122462
Barry Dean Flag of Canada LW1977–798611314254
Andy Delmore Flag of Canada D1998–20019571522242062816
Eric Desjardins Flag of Canada D1994–2006738933033964069714375138
Rob DiMaio Flag of Canada C1993–96109122133117182464
Niko Dimitrakos Flag of the United States RW2005–07245491250002
Kevin Dineen Flag of Canada RW1991–96284888817653315641018
Gilbert Dionne Flag of Canada RW1994–9622077230004
Tomas Divisek Flag of the Czech Republic RW2000–0251010
Brian Dobbin Flag of Canada RW1986–9056681439200017
Jiri Dopita Flag of the Czech Republic C2001–02521116278
Gary Dornhoefer Flag of Canada RW1967–78725202316518125680171936203SC 1974
SC 1975
FHOF 1991
Jim Dowd Flag of the United States C2007–0873551041171230
Steve Downie Flag of Canada RW2007–0938661284601110
Rene Drolet Flag of Canada RW1971–7210000
John Druce Flag of Canada RW1995–987912142627171236
Steve Duchesne Flag of Canada D1991–92
Blake Dunlop Flag of Canada C1977–79692029491681124
Andre Dupont Flag of Canada D1972–80539421351771505108131528306SC 1974
SC 1975
Yanick Dupre Flag of Canada LW1991–92
Miroslav Dvorak Flag of the Czech Republic D1982–8519311748551180226
Karl Dykhuis Flag of Canada D1994–97
<span id="E"/>Ben Eager Flag of Canada LW2005–088891019251200026
Mark Eaton Flag of the United States D1999–200027112870000
Darryl Edestrand Flag of Canada D1969–7020006
Pelle Eklund Flag of Sweden C1985–94589118334452107571033434
Matt Ellison Flag of Canada RW2005–0770112
Steve Eminger Flag of Canada D2008–09120228
Thomas Eriksson Flag of Sweden D1980–82
Doug Evans Flag of Canada LW1992–93658132170
Paul Evans Flag of Canada C1978–79
<span id="F"/>Pat Falloon Flag of Canada RW1995–9814438458324266394
Andre Faust Flag of Canada C1992–94471071714
Todd Fedoruk Flag of Canada LW2000–04
Ruslan Fedotenko Flag of Ukraine LW2000–02152332962115111126
Brent Fedyk Flag of Canada LW1992–96200596512416092248
David Fenyves Flag of Canada D1987–915815632
Jeff Finley Flag of Canada D1993–945518924
Craig Fisher Flag of Canada C1989–9140000
Rory Fitzpatrick Flag of Canada D2007–081901111
Ross Fitzpatrick Flag of Canada C1982–86205270
Reg Fleming Flag of Canada LW1969–706591827134
Bill Flett Flag of Canada RW1971–741677168139130283101321SC 1974
Ron Flockhart Flag of Canada C1980–84167658014510892246
Rick Foley Flag of Canada D1971–7258112536168
Colin Forbes Flag of Canada LW1996–9913222143611080002
Peter Forsberg Flag of Sweden C2005–07100308511511864486
Corey Foster Flag of Canada D1991–922534720
Nick Fotiu Flag of the United States LW1987–882300040
Mark Freer Flag of Canada C1986–90
Jamie Fritsch Flag of the United States D2008–0910000
<span id="G"/>Simon Gagne Flag of Canada LW1999–20096062422424842317123123526
Garry Galley Flag of Canada D1991–9523628144172260
Dave Gardner Flag of Canada C1979–8021120
Denis Gauthier Flag of Canada D2005–076004482601119
Jean Gauthier Flag of Canada D1967–686557127471346
Jean-Guy Gendron Flag of Canada LW1967–72278698615520380116
Don Gillen Flag of Canada RW1979–8011010
Jere Gillis Flag of the United States LW1986–8710000
Claude Giroux Flag of Canada RW2007–0944918271462356
Larry Goodenough Flag of Canada D1974–7712915567110421315188SC 1975
Tom Gorence Flag of the United States RW1978–8329157521098937961547
Triston Grant Flag of Canada LW2006–07801110
Chris Gratton Flag of Canada C1997–99108234770200520210
Josh Gratton Flag of Canada LW2005–06
Kyle Greentree Flag of Canada LW2007–0820000
Mark Greig Flag of Canada RW1998–2001
Martin Grenier Flag of Canada D2006–0730000
Paul Guay Flag of the United States RW1983–85162791430004
Nate Guenin Flag of the United States D2006–09120226
<span id="H"/>Len Hachborn Flag of Canada C1983–85781638542770337
Larry Hale Flag of Canada D1968–721965374290800012
Kevin Haller Flag of Canada D1994–97132722291772145918
Denis Hamel Flag of Canada LW2006–0770000
Michal Handzus Flag of Slovakia C2002–062375492146166377132018
John Hanna Flag of Canada D1967–68150000
Pat Hannigan Flag of Canada RW1967–69721116275871239
Jeff Harding Flag of Canada RW1988–901500047
Ted Harris Flag of Canada D1974–757016748160444SC 1975
Scott Hartnell Flag of Canada LW2007–0916254491033022345943
Derian Hatcher Flag of the United States D2005–08203924331932114550
Dale Hawerchuk Flag of Canada C1995–976716385436295111612HHOF 2001
Greg Hawgood Flag of Canada D1992–94599344358
Paul Healey Flag of Canada RW1996–98600012
Earl Heiskala Flag of Canada LW1968–71127131124294
Wayne Hicks Flag of the United States RW1967–68322796
Al Hill Flag of Canada LW1976–82
Larry Hillman Flag of Canada D1969–711498394711240222
Wayne Hillman Flag of Canada D1969–732588253317080000
Jan Hlavac Flag of the Czech Republic LW2001–023173108
Todd Hlushko Flag of Canada C1993–9421010
Ed Hoekstra Flag of Canada C1967–6870152136670110
Bob Hoffmeyer Flag of Canada D1981–839293140182301125
Milos Holan Flag of the Czech Republic D1993–9481124
Paul Holmgren Flag of the United States RW1975–84500138171309160067193150181
Randy Holt Flag of Canada D1983–842600074
Tony Horacek Flag of Canada LW1989–9211691423217
Ed Hospodar Flag of the United States D1984–8711287153212311271
Martin Hostak Flag of the Czech Republic C1990–92553111424
Mark Howe Flag of the United States D1982–92594138342480323828455330FHOF 2001
Dave Hoyda Flag of Canada LW1977–79108416202571200017
Petr Hubacek Flag of the Czech Republic C2000–0161012
Willie Huber Flag of Germany D1987–881049131650002
Kerry Huffman Flag of Canada D1986–92
Brent Hughes Flag of Canada D1970–73122541468840006
Jody Hull Flag of Canada RW1998–200121020224226300118
Gord Hynes Flag of Canada D1992–933734716
<span id="J"/>Chris Jensen Flag of Canada RW1989–92212134
Jim Johnson Flag of Canada C1967–72266661021686770222
Kim Johnsson Flag of Sweden D2001–062914010714714033291118
Brad Jones Flag of the United States LW1991–92487101744
Keith Jones Flag of Canada RW1998–20011312747741642454928
Randy Jones Flag of Canada D2003–09217135669134220334
Lars Jonsson Flag of Sweden D2006–0780226
Chris Joseph Flag of Canada D1997–99171012110002
Eddie Joyal Flag of Canada C1971–72263478
Patrik Juhlin Flag of Sweden LW1994–9656761323131012
<span id="K"/>Jon Kalinski Flag of Canada LW2008–09121230
Tomi Kallio Flag of Finland RW2002–0371012
Boyd Kane Flag of Canada LW2003–04
Sami Kapanen Flag of Finland RW2002–08311446611070377101714
Steve Kasper Flag of Canada C1991–9353651114
Pat Kavanagh Flag of Canada RW2005–0680002
Larry Keenan Flag of Canada LW1971–72141122
Bob Kelly Flag of Canada LW1970–80741128168296128510191423172SC 1974
SC 1975
Forbes Kennedy Flag of Canada C1967–69132182543325714514
Tim Kerr Flag of Canada RW1980–916013632876505777339317058FHOF 1994
Orest Kindrachuk Flag of Canada C1972–78360791812604656916193546SC 1974
SC 1975
Trent Klatt Flag of the United States RW1995–992094157985736841212
Mike Knuble Flag of the United States RW2005–0931011410722127024681416
Dan Kordic Flag of Canada LW1991–92
Andrei Kovalenko Flag of Russia RW1998–99130112
Frantisek Kucera Flag of the Czech Republic D1996–9720002
Lasse Kukkonen Flag of Finland D2006–099516756140226
Dale Kushner Flag of Canada LW1990–9282101323213
<span id="L"/>Normand Lacombe Flag of Canada RW1989–919211223334
Andre Lacroix Flag of Canada C1967–71245729817036152570
Daniel Lacroix Flag of Canada C1996–9813085132981601126
Claude LaForge Flag of Canada LW1967–69659162536512315
Serge Lajeunesse Flag of Canada D1973–7560002
Mark Lamb Flag of Canada C1993–952718918
Mitch Lamoureux Flag of Canada C1987–8830000
Daymond Langkow Flag of Canada C1998–20012094186127130287111827
Jeff Lank Flag of Canada D1999–200020002
Claude Lapointe Flag of Canada C2002–04567512481423514
Rick Lapointe Flag of Canada D1976–79146842501832904440
Jiri Latal Flag of the Czech Republic D1989–929212364824
Kirby Law Flag of Canada RW2000–01
Paul Lawless Flag of Canada LW1987–8880550
Reggie Leach Flag of Canada RW1974–826063062085142769147226922SC 1975
FHOF 1992
John LeClair Flag of the United States LW1994–200464933331064333711635397468
Guillaume Lefebvre Flag of Canada LW2001–03170004
Bill Lesuk Flag of Canada LW1970–7212324254911241018
Eric Lindros Flag of Canada C1992–200048629036965994650243357118
Ken Linseman Flag of Canada C1978–82
Andrei Lomakin Flag of Russia LW1991–9310822285060
Ross Lonsberry Flag of Canada LW1971–784971441703144038319224174SC 1974
SC 1975
Dan Lucas Flag of Canada RW1978–7961010
Joffrey Lupul Flag of Canada RW2007–09135455196932357124
<span id="M"/>Al MacAdam Flag of Canada RW1973–745000010000
Rick MacLeish Flag of Canada C1970–81
741328369697384108535210538SC 1974
SC 1975
FHOF 1990
Ian MacNeil Flag of Canada C2002–0320000
Ralph MacSweyn Flag of Canada D1967–70
Craig MacTavish Flag of Canada C1994–9610081725851514520
Kevin Maguire Flag of Canada RW1989–9051016
Jim Mair Flag of Canada D1970–724000031234
Vladimir Malakhov Flag of Russia D2003–04601121715612
Stewart Malgunas Flag of Canada D1993–957113490
Kent Manderville Flag of Canada C1999–200212971825592413424
Mike Maneluk Flag of Canada RW1998–20001426812
Moe Mantha Flag of the United States D1988–89
Danny Markov Flag of Russia D2003–0434235581812325
Brad Marsh Flag of Canada D1981–885141496110636665121795
Chris McAllister Flag of Canada D2000–0312127925820000
Dean McAmmond Flag of Canada LW2000–0110112040002
Kevin McCarthy Flag of Canada D1977–79
Sandy McCarthy Flag of Canada RW1998–200071661213660110
Brad McCrimmon Flag of Canada D1982–873673515218735546761355
Ryan McGill Flag of Canada D1992–9513441317363
Dan McGillis Flag of Canada D1997–20033403210814030340591448
Jack McIlhargey Flag of Canada D1974–77
Gerry Meehan Flag of Canada C1968–6912033440000
Scott Mellanby Flag of Canada RW1985–9135583114197694509112090
Eric Meloche Flag of Canada RW2006–07131234
Glen Metropolit Flag of Canada C2008–09554101415
Freddy Meyer Flag of the United States D2003–07838243247
Dave Michayluk Flag of Canada LW1981–83142688
Larry Mickey Flag of Canada RW1971–7214141238
John Miszuk Flag of Poland D1967–69140630361491103311
Jaroslav Modry Flag of the Czech Republic D2007–0819033890330
Carl Mokosak Flag of Canada LW1985–8610005
Jim Montgomery Flag of Canada C1994–96132351581012
Gary Morrison Flag of the United States RW1979–8243115167050112
Lew Morrison Flag of Canada RW1969–722021922417040002
Glenn Mulvenna Flag of Canada C1992–9310002
Gord Murphy Flag of Canada D1988–9226131971282541927913
Marty Murray Flag of Canada C2001–031502330532390114
Mike Murray Flag of Canada C1987–8810000
Pat Murray Flag of Canada LW1990–922531415
Terry Murray Flag of Canada D1975–77
Brantt Myhres Flag of Canada RW1997–9823000169
<span id="N"/>Don Nachbaur Flag of Canada C1985–90652810192911217
Ric Nattress Flag of Canada D1992–93447101729
Petr Nedved Flag of the Czech Republic C2005–0749615215462028
Janne Niinimaa Flag of Finland D1996–9814377178114191121316
Andreas Nodl Flag of Austria RW2008–09381342
Simon Nolet Flag of Canada RW1967–7435893108201129316398SC 1974
<span id="O"/>Adam Oates Flag of Canada C2001–02143710650220
Gino Odjick Flag of Canada LW1999–20013044838
Randy Osburn Flag of Canada LW1974–7510000
Joel Otto Flag of Canada C1995–9821328528029235491319
<span id="P"/>John Paddock Flag of Canada RW1976–77
Rosaire Paiement Flag of Canada RW1967–70434597433030
Ryan Parent Flag of Canada D2006–095404416100116
Michel Parizeau Flag of Canada LW1971–72372121410
Richard Park Flag of the United States C1998–9970000
Greg Paslawski Flag of Canada RW1992–936014193312
Joe Paterson Flag of Canada LW1984–8611000431734770
Dennis Patterson Flag of Canada D1979–8030110
Mark Pederson Flag of Canada LW1990–938420305033
Roger Pelletier Flag of Canada D1967–6810000
Mike Peluso Flag of the United States LW2003–0410000
Garry Peters Flag of Canada C1967–71229272855209822431
Michel Petit Flag of Canada D1996–97200335130006
Alexandre Picard Flag of Canada D2005–08683192221
Michel Picard Flag of Canada LW2000–0171450
Joni Pitkanen Flag of Finland D2003–072062591116210210558
Derek Plante Flag of the United States C2000–0112123450110
Pierre Plante Flag of Canada RW1971–732613415
Vaclav Pletka Flag of the Czech Republic RW2001–0210000
Shjon Podein Flag of the United States LW1994–9930144489221651681486
Ryan Potulny Flag of the United States C2005–0844771426
Jean Potvin Flag of Canada D1971–73646212716
Dave Poulin Flag of Canada C1982–904671612333943036317223953FHOF 2004
Darroll Powe Flag of Canada C2008–096065113561237
Yves Preston Flag of Canada LW1978–79
Keith Primeau Flag of Canada C1999–2006312871262134145812223463
David Printz Flag of Sweden D2005–07130004
Brian Propp Flag of Canada LW1979–907903694808496691165260112121FHOF 1999
Vaclav Prospal Flag of the Czech Republic C1996–98
<span id="Q"/>Dan Quinn Flag of Canada C1991–92
<span id="R"/>Yves Racine Flag of Canada D1993–94679435248
Branko Radivojevic Flag of Slovakia RW2003–068891423802321332
Nate Raduns Flag of the United States RW2008–0910000
Marcus Ragnarsson Flag of Sweden D2002–0411391524902715620
Rob Ramage Flag of Canada D1993–941501114
Paul Ranheim Flag of the United States LW2000–0318715153056110222
Mike Rathje Flag of Canada D2005–0797322255260006
Ryan Ready Flag of Canada LW2005–0670110
Mark Recchi Flag of Canada RW1991–95
Darren Reid Flag of Canada RW2006–071400018
Mikael Renberg Flag of Sweden RW1993–97
Mike Ricci Flag of Canada C1990–92146415697157
Mike Richards Flag of Canada C2005–0929079142221256298122016
Luke Richardson Flag of Canada D1997–2002387728356183401149
Dave Richter Flag of Canada D1985–8650022138500021
Bob Ritchie Flag of Canada LW1976–7710000
Gordie Roberts Flag of the United States D1987–881112315
Randy Robitaille Flag of Canada C2006–07285121722
Leon Rochefort Flag of Canada RW1967–6913935427726102022
Jeremy Roenick Flag of the United States C2001–0421667106173211367142130
Russ Romaniuk Flag of Canada LW1995–96173031710000
Bill Root Flag of Canada D1987–88241231620000
Jared Ross Flag of the United States C2008–0910000461010
Magnus Roupe Flag of Sweden LW1987–894035842
Darren Rumble Flag of Canada D1990–91
Stefan Ruzicka Flag of Slovakia RW2005–08554131747
<span id="S"/>Shaun Sabol Flag of the United States D1989–9020000
Joe Sacco Flag of the United States RW2002–03341562040000
Don Saleski Flag of Canada RW1971–7947611811723560282131730131SC 1974
SC 1975
Kjell Samuelsson Flag of Sweden D1986–92
Ulf Samuelsson Flag of Sweden D1999–20004912358
Scott Sandelin Flag of the United States D1990–91150330
Geoff Sanderson Flag of Canada LW2006–075811182944
Dick Sarrazin Flag of Canada RW1968–70
Andre Savage Flag of Canada C2002–03162134
Brian Savage Flag of Canada LW2005–066695142861014
Luca Sbisa Flag of Switzerland D2008–09390773610002
Cliff Schmautz Flag of Canada RW1970–71308122023
Danny Schock Flag of Canada LW1970–71141230
Dave Schultz Flag of Canada LW1971–7629751641151386617916363SC 1974
SC 1975
Glen Seabrooke Flag of Canada C1986–89191674
Al Secord Flag of Canada LW1988–8920101381404431
Dennis Seidenberg Flag of Germany D2002–0492614203630000
Brit Selby Flag of Canada LW1967–691192528534771124
Anatoli Semenov Flag of Russia C1994–96704151920152460
Patrick Sharp Flag of Canada C2002–06661051567121012
Mike Siklenka Flag of Canada RW2002–0310000
Mike Sillinger Flag of Canada C1997–99521114252431010
Jon Sim Flag of Canada LW2005–0639771428
Reid Simpson Flag of Canada LW1991–9210000
Ilkka Sinisalo Flag of Finland RW1981–90526199209408180662110316
Bob Sirois Flag of Canada LW1974–7541014
Darryl Sittler Flag of Canada C1981–8419184941781481043717HHOF 1989
Jarrod Skalde Flag of Canada C2001–0210002
Wade Skolney Flag of Canada D2005–0610002
John Slaney Flag of Canada D2001–02
David Sloane Flag of the United States D2008–0910000
Derrick Smith Flag of Canada LW1984–9149480871673387513112470
Jason Smith Flag of Canada D2007–0877191086170224
Steve Smith Flag of Canada D1981–82
Greg Smyth Flag of Canada D1986–8849167192600040
Dave Snuggerud Flag of the United States LW1992–93140220
Radovan Somik Flag of Slovakia LW2002–04113122032271522410
Bruno St. Jacques Flag of Canada D2001–03130004
Myron Stankiewicz Flag of Canada LW1968–69190552510000
Allan Stanley Flag of Canada D1968–6964413172830114HHOF 1981
Daryl Stanley Flag of Canada D1983–84
John Stevens Flag of Canada D1986–88902214
Kevin Stevens Flag of the United States LW2000–012327918
Turner Stevenson Flag of Canada RW2005–063113445
P. J. Stock Flag of Canada C2000–01311347820000
Mike Stothers Flag of Canada D1984–881201123500011
Art Stratton Flag of Canada C1967–6812044450000
Doug Sulliman Flag of Canada LW1988–908091019840000
Bill Sutherland Flag of Canada LW1967–7112442297140112460
Rich Sutter Flag of Canada RW1983–862043647833811950544
Ron Sutter Flag of Canada C1982–915551372223598546962733149
Mark Suzor Flag of Canada D1976–7740114
Petr Svoboda Flag of the Czech Republic D1994–99232106070320451131450
George Swarbrick Flag of Canada LW1970–7120000
Michal Sykora Flag of the Czech Republic D2000–0149511162660110
Danny Syvret Flag of Canada D2008–0920002
<span id="T"/>Mark Taylor Flag of Canada C1981–8464825332430000
Dmitri Tertyshny Flag of Russia D1998–996228103010002
Chris Therien Flag of Canada D1994–200675329130159583992101268
Patrick Thoresen Flag of Norway LW2007–08210558140224
Billy Tibbetts Flag of the United States RW2001–02901169
Brad Tiley Flag of Canada D2000–0120000
Mattias Timander Flag of Sweden D2003–043414519182466
Jussi Timonen Flag of Finland D2006–07140446
Kimmo Timonen Flag of Finland D2007–091571176871041907720
Dave Tippett Flag of Canada C1993–94734111538
Rick Tocchet Flag of Canada RW1984–92
Denis Tolpeko Flag of Russia C2007–082615624
Tim Tookey Flag of Canada C1986–8720000101342
<span id="U"/>R. J. Umberger Flag of the United States C2005–08228496711678221151612
Scottie Upshall Flag of Canada RW2006–091342737641451734744
Ossi Vaananen Flag of Finland D2008–0946191022
<span id="V"/>Ed Van Impe Flag of Canada D1967–76617191071268925711112121SC 1974
SC 1975
FHOF 1993
Jim Vandermeer Flag of Canada D2002–04
Dennis Ververgaert Flag of Canada RW1978–80952324473050222
Claude Vilgrain Flag of Canada LW1993–9420000
Roman Vopat Flag of the Czech Republic C1998–994803380
<span id="W"/>Wes Walz Flag of Canada C1991–9221010
Todd Warriner Flag of Canada LW2002–03132356
Steve Washburn Flag of Canada C1999–200140000
Jim Watson Flag of Canada D1972–82613381481864921015343989SC 1974
SC 1975
Joe Watson Flag of Canada D1967–7874636162198397843121582SC 1974
SC 1975
FHOF 1996
Eric Weinrich Flag of the United States D2001–0421584553981823516
Jay Wells Flag of Canada D1988–90126535403131802251
Brian Wesenberg Flag of Canada RW1998–9910005
Blake Wesley Flag of Canada D1979–81523811109
Peter White Flag of Canada C1998–2001
Todd White Flag of Canada LW1999–200041010
Bob Wilkie Flag of Canada D1993–94101348
Gordie Williams Flag of Canada RW1981–8320002
Justin Williams Flag of Canada RW2000–0422643721151081715612
Behn Wilson Flag of Canada D1978–83339591552148734382432122
Chris Winnes Flag of the United States RW1993–9440220
Jamie Wright Flag of Canada LW2002–0340004
Keith Wright Flag of Canada C1967–6810000
Larry Wright Flag of Canada C1971–73
<span id="Y"/>Mike York Flag of the United States LW2006–07344488
Tim Young Flag of Canada C1984–852026812
Dmitri Yushkevich Flag of Russia D1992–95
<span id="Z"/>Zarley Zalapski Flag of Canada D1999–2000120226
Larry Zeidel Flag of Canada D1967–69661101174701112
Valeri Zelepukin Flag of Russia RW1998–20001512730571032222416
Jason Zent Flag of the United States LW1998–9920000
Rob Zettler Flag of Canada D1993–956505510310002
Peter Zezel Flag of Canada C1984–89310911702612305610213149
Alexei Zhamnov Flag of Russia C2003–0420513181418410148
Alexei Zhitnik Flag of Russia D2006–07313101338
Dainius Zubrus Flag of Lithuania RW1996–992001943628924551014


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