This is a list of the coaches of the Ottawa Hockey Club, later known as the Ottawa Senators, which existed from 1883. The list does not include coaches of the NHL franchise after it moved from Ottawa, or the Senators hockey team which existed from 1934 until 1954.

Pre-NHL eraEdit

In this early era, the captain of the club was the coach. No other individual was hired by the club.


NHL eraEdit

This is a list of head coaches for the original Ottawa Senators club of the National Hockey League. This list does not include the current NHL Ottawa Senators.

  1. Eddie Gerard (1916–1918) (playing coach)
  2. Harry Hyland (1918–1919) (playing coach)[12]
  3. Pete Green (1919–1925)
  4. Alex Currie (1925–1926)
  5. Dave Gill (1926–1929)
  6. Newsy Lalonde (1929–1930)
  7. Newsy Lalonde and Dave Gill (1930–31)
  8. Cy Denneny (1932–1933)
  9. George Boucher (1933–1934)

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