This is a list of Latvians, who have played at least a game in the Kontinental Hockey League.


Name POS GP G A PTS Birthplace 2010-2011 Previous clubs Ref.
Mārtiņš CipulisF112171936CēsisAmur KhabarovskDinamo Riga[1]
Miķelis RēdlihsF111272350RīgaDinamo Riga[2]
Lauris DārziņšF110222648RīgaDinamo Riga[3]
Georgijs PujacsD106112031RīgaSibir NovosibirskDinamo Riga, Lada Togliatti[4]
Aleksandrs ŅiživijsF103214162RīgaDinamo Riga[5]
Ģirts AnkipānsF103152237RīgaDinamo Riga[6]
Rodrigo LaviņšD10141418RīgaDinamo Riga[7]
Guntis GalviņšD10081725TalsiDinamo Riga[8]
Aleksejs ŠirokovsF96101828RīgaAmur KhabarovskDinamo Riga[9]
Kristaps SotnieksD94224RīgaDinamo Riga[10]
Oļegs SorokinsD7941923RīgaDinamo Riga[11]
Armands BērziņšF666915RīgaDinamo Riga[12]
Krišjānis RēdlihsD6461319RīgaDinamo Riga[13]
Aleksandrs JerofejevsD5621113RīgaMetallurg NovokuznetskNeftekhimik Nizhnekamsk[14]
Kaspars SaulietisF547310RīgaDynamo Minsk[15]
Jānis SpruktsF53112536RīgaDinamo Riga[16]
Edgars MasaļskisG45RīgaHC YugraDinamo Riga[17]
Gints MeijaF44123RīgaDinamo Riga[18]
Sandis OzoliņšD4352025SiguldaDinamo Riga[19]
Atvars TribuncovsD38279OgreDinamo Riga[20]
Jēkabs RēdlihsD35123RīgaDinamo Riga[21]
Roberts BukartsF32347JūrmalaDinamo Riga[22]
Aigars CiprussF32112RīgaDinamo Riga[23]
Sergejs NaumovsG29RīgaDinamo Riga[24]
Viktors BļinovsF24213RīgaDinamo Riga[25]
Ronalds CinksF20022RīgaDinamo Riga[26]
Juris ŠtālsF19123RīgaDinamo Riga[27]
Andris DžeriņšF17000AivieksteDinamo Riga[28]
Mārtiņš KarsumsF12448RīgaDinamo Riga[29]
Oskars CibuļskisD12000RīgaDinamo Riga[30]
Toms HartmanisF7000LiepājaDinamo Riga[31]
Jānis StraupeF5000RīgaDinamo Riga[32]
Edijs BrahmanisF4101RīgaDinamo Riga[33]
Sergejs PečuraF4000RīgaDinamo Riga[34]
Ervīns MuštukovsG2RīgaDinamo Riga[35]
Agris SavielsD2000JūrmalaDinamo Riga[36]
Maksims ŠirokovsD1000RīgaDinamo Riga[37]
Uģis AvotiņšG1RīgaDinamo Riga[38]
Edgars LūsiņšG0RīgaDinamo Riga[39]
Arvīds ReķisD0000JūrmalaDinamo Riga[40]
Jānis AndersonsD0000RīgaDinamo Riga[41]
Mārtiņš JakovļevsD0000JēkabpilsDinamo Riga[42]
Ainārs PodziņšF0000JūrmalaDinamo Riga[43]
Raimonds VilkoitsF0000 Dinamo Riga[44]
= Has a contract for 2010-11 season
= Has a try-out contract

A (♦) denotes player who has participated in an All Star Game

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